Pc silver/bronze team needed

If i want to climb i cannot solo que at all so…i will work with a team that wants to group.

Please have mic and just try. If we try then idc as we gave it our best shot.

I am tank and spprt main.

I’m USA California time zone. I don’t have a team but we can pair up if you like. I’m bronze 5 in everything.

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Hi, Both of you please add my discord onigiririce

asia. but am sure we can work something out

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Same here. I can flex, but I’m a support main.

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I will add all of you if put id . Will put mine also when i log back in. Usually i start 7-9pm usa central time Saturday and Sundays

you guys need ronnysins

Just tell me who to add as friends and I’ll do so.

Hi, just wanted to tell you that you don’t need a team to climb or improve.
Obviously its more fun to play with people together, so all the power too you :grinning:

If you want you can send a code of a game you played that was not a stomp or contained smurfs/cheaters and i can review it for you and offer some helpfull tips/advice? Preferably a game like hybrid or payload because thats easier to have better positioning on and cooldown usage and get more effectiveness on.

I play tank and support on diamond 3 level and have played the game for years.

I know how to climb out of silver since i have done it myself after being hardstuck on support for 5+seasons in ow1 in 1700-1900 sr range. That was in like season 20. After that i have never dipped below 2750 sr on support.
I figured out that lack of peel was a problem and spend 150 hours on learning to duel/peel away/kill the flankers myself.
After that i went back in ranked and got to 2800 sr in a week.

Sometimes you are not aware of what is holding you back/what mistakes you make that can give you a better effectiveness on your hero or cooldown usage allowing you to carry your games.

When i review someone’s game i usually don’t look at aim because that gets better over time, unless it’s obvious that thats the thing thats holding you back then i will mention it.
I usually look at positioning, and when/how you use your cooldowns and tell you how you can get more effectiveness out of your hero and cooldowns.

Let me know if you want me to have a look.

add me on discord… guys

Can you tell me how to get out of bronze 5? I’ve been playing since 2016 and still can’t do it.

Send me a replay code on a game that wasnt a stomp or had cheaters and ill try my best to give you advice on what you can improve upon/how to improve.
Payload maps is easier to give pointers on because of positioning being more important.

are u playing on support?

i was bronze 5 ( deep bronze 5), I managed to get out of bronze, just by playing moira

in bronze, if you play support, you need to get elims and you need to heal at the same

in bronze, you cannot be a healbot.

i would suggest you to play Moira and get picks and elims

a replay code would be a good start

you HAVE TO carry games to rank up in bronze-sliver

I’d be happy to play with you, are you EU or NA?

This is a valid suggestion, however i don’t believe you should healbot at all unless you are playing lifeweaver.

The whole thing about playing support is that you can output pressure from both healing and damage. And just with about anything, add enough pressure and something breaks, in this case it causes a elim, adding more pressure on the enemy team and again they break and you win a teamfight. Win enough teamfights and you win the match.

Ill try to grab a example i wrote a while back as too why you shouldn’t healbot. There are more examples i wrote in that original post,

I recommend voice com on discord so what is your discord?
That’s ow battletag so go ahead and add

You play since 2016 and can’t get from bronze? Must be new level :slight_smile:
I would recomend just buy new pc with good monitor. That may be the reason.

You know its Bronze when they struggle to add to Friends for a week :smiley:

Its 1 vs 5 in bronze in solo que so what do you expect?
Are you making fun of bronze players?

I’m not making fun.

If you are Bronze it only means you have so much room were you can improve.

And it all starts with your mechanics, play some Kovaak for your aim and you will see how much easier those games will be for you when you improve your mechanics.

Other reason could be just your PC, if you play with 60 fps then upgrading your PC may get you free 1k SR.

Third thing is just put more energy. Act faster do everything faster, make risky plays and so on. But you can do those things only if you improve previous 2 mentioned.

Last thing is track everyones movement and have a map in your head about were things are. It will help you act faster when lets say Genji jumps on you because you will know he is about to do it and so on.

Just always know where everyone is and do something about it. Put pressure, rotate, help your teammates and so on.

And don’t forget that good player will have 100% win rate in Bronze, Silver, Gold and even Plat. Depending on how good they are.

So it only means it’s up to you to improve and win.

And you don’t need group up with others for that. Grouping is actually may make things worse, because if you improve faster then others you kinda stuck. And matchmaker for groups is actually worse than solo queue.

Grouping may make matches better quality but it doesnt improve win ratio because matchmaker will balance you out.

I was plat spprt long time ago. I dont care as much these days as its just not fun. Once awhile i will jump on.
Last week my sigma had 21k dmg 48 elims with enemy doom 53 elims 19k dmg.

Doom thought he was going to smurf roll. Thankfully he was the only smurf on that team and my team worked together harder.

Thanks , but no thanks I don’t need any help. Youtube guides are there if others want to learn which I recommend