(PC) (NA) Looking for comp duo 3500+

Im a support main mostly main support but i can play all supports to masters level except brig. Been playing on 4k teams but never been a fan of comp until lately.

Just looking for people to play comp with and grind them ranks :slight_smile:.
I have mic and do callouts but not in game cuz sexist people are great.

Hit me with a message if you down to play. I’ll probably answer best on discord Emerex#7894


  • Tank
    Main: Zarya
  • Dps
    Main: Reaper & Mccree
  • Healer
    Main: Ana

but I can play almost every character.

If you wanna see some of my POTG (i dont update that often)
Instagram: @overwatch_dewitt

Btw, just for your information I can join voice chat but English is my second language and I am still learning.

You can add me below:
Id: AlexisDeWitt#1817
(just add me if you really want to play, sadly many people have added me but never reply/invite/accept invitation…)