[PC - EU] LF "older" gamers 25+ (chill and mature)

Heya all! I kind of got to a point, where it is really hard to find people to play with from my age group. I am currently 28 yo. I am playing on PC and on EU servers.

I usually avoid talking on team voice (cos, I am a girl, and I wouldn’t want to deal with what that would trigger), but we could definitely talk on discord, or something for comms.

Everyone is welcome if can be a decent human being, and can have fun without being toxic. ^-^
I usually chill on QP, but can be pursued to try comp sometimes too (plat-dia supp, other roles are gold-plat).
Thank you for reading! Have a nice day! c:

Tag: Sinesong#2456

If you’re willing to play with people that are in NA, we have a wonderful group that plays! You can hmu on discord @ aristogglez if you’d like :slight_smile: