PC Crashes only in Competitive games

Ive lost 100 SR and almost got permanatly suspended from comp because my PC crashed in competitive games. Its clearly a problem on your end because my pc doesnt crash on other games hell it doesnt even crash in QP or DM, also after youve given me some troubleshooting I request getting my 100 SR back that I lost because of technical problems with your game. Thank you.

Typically you may only be observing crashes in Competitive Play if you mostly play Competitive Play. Also if you use voice comms more often in Competitive than casual game modes there can be some crashes that is triggered from the use of your microphone or headset drivers so make sure those drivers are fully updated or switch to different hardware. Other tips to resolve common crashes can be found here:

Penalties will never be reversed. See this thread for details on this:

Same thing happens to me, either crashes or freezes the game (I can still hear my partner in discord voice chat fine). I’m equal split between competetive and other modes, so it’s not that, only competetive has caused issues. I use voice chat through discord on the vast majority of my games, so it’s not that either. My pc isn’t overheating because I added monitors to keep track and so it’s not that either. I had done every possible test to find hardware issues or software conflicts, but these issues only ever happen in overwatch and in competetive.

maybe it is related

I’ll also add that the times I had crashes and freezes I wasn’t alt tabbing. I also had the latest drivers. literally the only difference between the games that do have issues and the ones that don’t is that the ones with issues are competitive overwatch games.

oh, and the known issues don’t apply to me either. but the fact that there are known issues is a red flag that it’s likely there are more circumstances with issues

also the games I play with discord voice chat my partner gets disconnected from competitive games a lot and I can still hear her talking in discord, that’s also a competitive game issue too. are you doing something overly intrusive with anticheat? Whatever it is is buggy and clearly doesn’t work