PC Crashed before I even got into a Match

Saw my PC freeze up and immediately restarted and booted back up. I was about 20 seconds into a competitive queue. My boot time is around a minute and I get back on Overwatch to see that I’ve not only dropped 50 SR but also been slapped with a 10 minute suspension.

I get that we want to prevent people from hopping in and DC/ing just to SR drop, but really? I wasn’t even IN GAME when my PC crashed and I had to restart.

I know this is probably something that’s been complained about in the past, but it’s really frustrating to work REALLY hard for your rank, with what little free time you have, and then be punished when you weren’t even locked into a game yet.

I get it’s my PC issues but I don’t know, just want to rant I guess.

Unfortunately not much can be done about that past penalty. Even though you crashed, it takes several seconds for the server to realize you have disconnected from the game, at which you can still be queued for a game during that time frame. Details on Blizzard’s policy can be found here: