PC and Console cross play

Honestly it is a joke playing with pc players on console. Even in pve Game modes having 0 aim assist is so so awful. I was so excited to play with my girlfriend who plays on pc but now I am stuck to playing Winston as all other characters are literally unplayable. Why is this a thing? The aim assist compensated for not having a keyboard and mouse and without it, the game is just not fun.


You can’t even play ranked games as a PC/console team, right? So what’s the logic behind that one blizzard? Is there such an abundance of players who are just godly on a controller that they might out-compete the PC crowd?


Honestly, I would love to have more players around my skill level. I’d even be ok if controllers with aim-assist had a slight advantage over keyboard and mouse. We’ll end up in the same rank together anyway, so what’s the issue? My guess is that fragile egos are getting in the way.


Yeah to be honest I would turn off crossplay if it was in comp as I would get destroyed but I just want to casually play arcade without having no aim whatsoever.


oh no! you chose to play with pc players? whatever will you do?

legit, what are you actually complaining about? the lack of aim assist? really?

the option is there for people that want it and only those that want it. why are you so mad about something that you dont have to use?

also, it may just be something they overlooked. unfortunately, the forums isnt a place where they would see a complaint about it, if you really want to make them see it, reddit and twitter are better options.
still probably wont see it but its better than here

Are you dumb?
I want to play it to ay with my friend but it is pretty much impossible using a controller with no aim assist so it may as well not even be in the game.


then dont use it. like i said, the option is there for those that want it and only those that want it. if you dont like the implementation then cry more I guess.
crossplay is a relatively new thing and you’re complaining because you cant aim on a flawed control scheme? come on now.
no game has done it well enough to receive no complaints from either consoles or pc and blizz just so happened to lean into the more populated platform more.

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Then don’t play with pc players…

(But pve should have aim assist).

Even if you’re in a workshop game with all console players and there is a pc player spectating, all the aim assist completely goes away. It is such a bad system that no other game in existence has done.


i agree with you on that one. that is incredibly stupid.


It’s not impossible. Practice. play PVE on easy. Play QP with your friend. It’s just different. The thing that makes this game impossible is frame per second. I can hang on my PC with a controller easier than I can hang with my PS4 against PC players, where I am most comfortable, and forget the Switch completely, that game can’t hang with PS4 and XBOX on the Switch IMO.

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At most it needs to be OPTIONAL. SO players feel as though they have fair play, OR they can chose to mingle with other players that have different machines.

I know the struggle and I agree with you. I gave up trying to play my usual hitscan heroes, it just wasn’t working. Had to play 90% of my time on Mercy and then struggle on X hero if Mercy was instalocked by someone else.

We had to sacrifice playability in order to enjoy the game with our PC friends, and that’s a little disappointing considering other crossplay games kept the aim assist for us.


Just buy a XIM and go MNK on console (don’t actually you can get banned if caught :face_with_hand_over_mouth:).

Blizzard has done nothing to stop these rampant cheaters, so you might as well join them and be on the same playing field as them.

I know MNK console players who easily climbed to Diamond with their mechanical advantage. Hard stuck golds and plats for seasons on end in Diamond within 2.

You can totally play on an equal field with PC players whilst also destroying console players. It’s a shame how little Blizzard cares about punishing these cheaters, but hey, until they stop them they’ll keep doing it.

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I wouldn’t be surprised of these two companies were in cahoots. Xims are still almost $200?

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Reminder that you lose your aiming technique queuing with PC. Use PC method for controller

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You simply have to learn to play without assistance.

I promise you an unassisted mouse is lightyears above an analog stick

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They don’t even allow aim assist even on PvE lmaooo

I always wondered how often PC players encountered console players in their games even up to this time.

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I am finding that out now since I’ve been playing on PC lately. Mostly because it feels so damn terrible going back to console after using a mouse. It’s really affecting my enjoyment on console. Stupid PC ruining everything (except my aim).

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My aim actually improved when I grouped up with PC players, while in PvE