Payload broken @ L'Havana

I was on placement match and the payload was locked, with whole team on it, at starting point at L’Havana, it starts moving just on overtime.

Replay code is CH4ZPB and the problem was on last round (attack turn).

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Lmao how did you not notice that


Wait. But it was just ONE enemy player. It can block payload advance? If so this si using a cheat, so I will report that player.

One player can block the advance of the payload.

What this player is doing is normal, if honest i’m baffled that you didn’t see them.


During the match, noboy saw him.

Honestly I didn’t watch the replay before linking it :wink:

Normal? Placing oneself over the gas station like that is normal? Seriously?
It wasn’t just Chatnoire and me, the whole team and even some of the enemy team were baffled at the payload not moving.
I believe there should be sanctions for that kind of behaviour. And honestly I’m surprised that you endorse it.

Sanctions for that kind of behavior?

So you’re saying that Hammond player should be punished for using their brain? They’re using a tactic which is very normal.

The attacking team in this case failed to spot where the player was despite the range of the payload being quite small. So if you would look around, including up since there are heroes who can reach high round. Then you could’ve countered a tactic as such.


Yes, that’s cheating. Or camping at best, which is still questionable behaviour.

So you’re saying that about 6 to 9 players out of 12 are brainless because they failed to spot a player who hid themselves in a questionable way to say the least?

Playing in that way is neither amusing or rewarding, it’s just gaining advantage without actual fight. And OW is an FPS, y’know…

Cheating falls under manipulation of the game whether by exploiting bugs or by using third party software. Which the hammond wasn’t using in this case.

If that’s what you make of it, then technically yes. This had a pretty low chance of pulling off.

A tactic like this wouldn’t have survived in Silver… Probably an unlucky matchup by the matchmaker having something to do with new players.

When i would’ve tried this i would have died within at least a minute noting that Hammond is a literal massive object.

It is an FPS yes, though that also includes strategies… and well if you can’t really find a hero next to you then i think you’ve got alot of training to do.


In that case it’s camping, and as I wrote before, still questionable behaviour.

Wow…bragging about you being the superior player and looking down on other players…just wow. Now I know the reason more and more people are complaining about this game, it’s beacuse of players like you.

If you really can’t avoid being a show-off, then I think you’ve got a lot to learn on how to deal with people.

It’s not really questionable behavior as it doesn’t violate any guidelines.

You’re making me look worse than i actually am.
I’m not looking down, i’m not being a show off whatsoever.

I’ve been a Silver player who has almost been Bronze and i can 100% say that this would’ve not worked there unless a really unlucky matchup from the matchmaker which has nothing to do with players.

You’re taking so damn long to type that i’m starting to think that instead of actually trying to reply you’re thinking of a way to make me look bad or something like that. Whilst i’m just saying that i find it weird how noone noticed it, most of the team was literally sitting on the cart not even trying to look around.

You’re making a big problem of the little things, don’t tell me how to deal with people i’ve been active on these forums for a long time.

The Hammond even showed up on some screens of some players, i don’t see how that would even go unnoticed. Show-off definetly didn’t take me a long time to get up, just like anyone else can. I ain’t anything special, nor are you. So don’t make a big deal out of this ‘camping’
It was obvious and they failed to notice, that’s fine and now they know. Though this is acceptable by the rules.

There’s nothing more to discuss than that, if you’re just going to straight up try to take another hit at my reputation then you can just stop as that isn’t going to get us anywhere.


Guidelines…I’m talking about being fair and trying to enjoy a good fight, and you blab about guidelines. How typical.

I’m taking so damn long to type because English is not my mothertongue, so I have to doublecheck everything I write.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been active on these forums, you clearly lack the ability to talk to people without angering them.

Yeah, we are not special, the only difference is that I’m aware of that, while it seems you are not.

Oh, worried about your reputation? That confirms my believing in you being a show-off and unable to argue with people without p*ssing them off.

And by the way, let me be absolutely clear: I don’t like threats.

Well to be questionable behavior falls more under the rules and stuff because i’m more used to hearing it used that way.

Right, in that case it’s fine of course.

That’s subjective.

Again that’s still subjective.

Yes i’d be worried about my reputation if someone were to falsely accuse me of being a show-off, if anyone could just easily change my reputation based on lies then that could become an issue.

I don’t see how that’s relevant to the conversation.


LMAO. How on earth. They didn’t even see the Hammond. That’s funny


Yeah right, because it suits you better that way.

It’s not. And it’s provable.

Again it is not. And again it’s still provable.

which you are.

yeah right, when someone calls you out on your behavioir…

The same relevance as your previous threat.

I’m not amused. What are you, a 6th grader?

So that’s the kind of answers you provide to people on this forum. And yet you whine about your reputation being hurt.
You got some nerves. Or possibly you are another 6th grader.
In both cases, I pity you.

You’re calling me a 6th grader whilst you’re going mad at every thing said here.

Crying about how what the hammond is doing is unacceptable and bad behavior whilst the other team failed to notice a massive ball which passed their screen multiple times.


Because I expected proper answers, something you clearly were not able to provide.
And no, berating and laughing at people is not the proper way to do that.

yeah, apart for the time he camped over the gas station, that is for most of the match.

I wasn’t berating and laughing at people, you kept exaggerating.

Expecting proper answers, sure man go do that yourself instead of making the truth look worse than it is.

Again, this wouldn’t last longer for 20 seconds in most cases. And that is with small playermodels, here we have a massive hammond.

Which i’d actually would congratulate the hammond for pulling off since it’s a pretty rare case.