Paus the freaking game instead of instantly canceling it

Got a temporary connection loss lasting 10 seconds, but cause it was at the start of the game. RIP… Like legit. Tell me another game this happens, ridiculous. Fine if someone does not come back after 2 mins cancel the game, but seriously, current system sucks.


Yeah this seems like a reasonable suggestion to me. I think this happened to me once as well.


Unlike games with play elimination rounds, (like tactical FPS games). Pauses are extremely disruptive in all stages of the gameplay in Overwatch, which is why there is no pausing in matchmaker modes including Competitive. The match cancels at the start to discourage any form of queue dodging at the start of the match as well and encourages users who are disconnecting at the start to avoid playing Competitive until they can take time to correct any technical issue.

Additional information from Blizzard:

Mother of all pointless posts…

Pausing when a dc occurs in the selection screen means nothing. It is a whole different ball game.

Also pauses happen in OWL regardless so. Guess it’s not “disruptive” enough for pro play😅


queue time ? 10 minutes minimum
pause time ? 5 minutes
toxicity ? maximum
hotel ? trivago


2 mins per dc? That sounds nightmarish. That’s over twenty total minutes for everybody in the game.

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I read the first few posts several times and I don’t know where you got “per DC” from.

From what I can tell, the OP is asking for a 2 min pause if one person DC’s at the start before a match starts. Presumably, if more than one person (who are not in a group) DC’s, then you go ahead and cancel the game.

it’s yet another case of one rule for OWL and another rule for ladder

they’re not the same game, at all, and the sooner Activision realise this the better off we’ll all be

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In Pro Play, there is the safe understanding among all players and the tournament staff that a disconnection is accidental, and there is that feature available to all of us in custom games. We can’t have that confidence on the open matchmaking games.

Simply put… stop playing Competitive games if you can’t be confident in your connection.

so how do I stop other people with unreliable connections playing then?

Group up with friends you know who are reliable with their game connections.

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sooner players realise this, the sooner they can start pressuring people to balance around the top of the ladder. A reminder that doom players in OWL aren’t allowed to use his bugs to their advantage unlike in ladder.

Random DCs happen. They don’t give you a 10 minute heads up so you can plan your day around them.

Agreed OP. Makes no sense that you can DC mid match for 3 seconds with no issue but if it happens at the start, bye-bye game.

We don’t even need a pause, we just need the game to not cancel. Let the DCer have a few seconds to return like any time in the match.

Therein lies the core issue with Overwatch. A lot of solo queues problems are solved by grouping up with friends. Yet if I want to group up with friends, I have to either drop out of my rank or pick one friend to play with (I dropped out of my rank, it was easier). However queueing with friends in a stack, then causes longer queue times, which considering current solo q, queue times, is a nightmare.

Yes, lets give griefers and queue dodgers more tools to suck with.

I am with Wyoming with this, comp needs strict tools like this to deal with people who sabotage games.

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okay, so I can group with at most one other person due to the ruleset (another difference from OWL)

what do you suggest I do about the connections of the remaining 4 randomers on my team?

also, over the last 12 months: my connection (being actual proper fibre AND multihomed) appears to be more reliable than Activision’s servers/network running in Paris

how would you suggest that I get Activision to improve the reliability of their network?

Activision know this. From a business perspective it’s better if players think they are the same game.

Most players will never realize this.

CS:GO has pauses and proper reconnection to the game (should be w/o losing ult charge and stats), don’t see why it’s so hard to implement in OW. Pauses won’t be disruptive, especially if they’re between rounds or at the start of the game.

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It is awful, they take away all my gold medals, I don’t deserve such inhumane treatment just because the game THOUGHT my internet went out, I demand a recount.

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