Patch notes for, please?

Wondering what got fixed.

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Probably related to the issue that made the launcher to constantly update the game.

It was app issue, not game issue, since all games in launcher were having this problem.

I like to imagine it’s them adding new character interactions cough for Cassidy cough but that’s just my hope it’s most likely minor bug fixes.

This was a small patch to fix an issue that was causing client crashes for some players.


Ah, thanks for answer. :smiley:
No matter if this is small fix or not, just always wondering what’s changed with each update. :>


You mean the constant update and update finished messages? If not, is there an ETA on fixing that? issue with sudden multiple updates is not OW related since it’s happening to almost all games in launcher. It’s an app issue. Also, stopped happening for me today.

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Thanks for update Andy, there is supposedly a game crashing bug when you press P or going into social, are you guys looking into that aswell?

Maybe it was fix for this?

Hi was it the bug where O or P caused the game to crash after receiving a very specific friend request?


Yo Dude, I played all day - I come back after dinner and fam… game crashes 3 times now.

When did patch go live?

When I wrote this topic.

Did you get a friend request or have a pending friend request when your game crashes? if so, don’t press O or P and go to your bnet launcher and block the person from there

There is/was a bug where users with a very specific bnet username will send you a f/r and it will cause your game to crash if you press O or P.


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Those experimental changes from two weeks ago apparently got lost in the aether.

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1 week since last post, did you participate in the walkout, tough times but hope blizzard gets better of all these issues, wish you guys the best!