Patch changes vanished

Omegalul they reverted the entire patch.



What u think about that cass buff now?

They let the drunk employees near the computers again.


yea the page is gone now? what happened? maybe the hanzo buff panicked them since bug

Hanzo was so broken OP, I guess they shuttered the entire patch rather than just disable him.

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it wasnt me! i promise!

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I couldn’t care less if it goes live :laughing:

I’m not convinced he needs it

So all of the balance devs?

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Cared enough to comment that:

Now we pray that it stays reverted.


Just teasing Zany, he understands why I said it. It’s a running joke between us

Apparently. Also looks like they fired their QA team.

aight gotcha, see ya around

It’s the curse of the Cass mid-air roll.


Ya that should serve as a bit of a wake up call for why you dont just try to circumvent the players and push a patch to live without testing it. You end up with stupid gamebreaking bugs that the players can find in literal minutes.

Yeah cus you’re a cree abuser :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m convinced the mid-air roll is an offspring of Sean Bean, doomed to die

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There’s my Zany boy :sunglasses:

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World of Warcraft has been a paid beta for a while now.