"Past seasonal items and brawls are back" - @PlayOverwatch Twitter

I hope not. I highly doubt it, but still, I hope not… I mean, Uprising and Retributions are a huge part of the game’s lore…

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Yeah. I think if anything would stay it would be those events, but I know lots of people are tired of the same events… if they stick around they might be revamped, or something.

Personally I enjoy the events we have :smiley:

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I also love the events we have. As for people getting tired of the same events, well, they could certainly do the same thing they did for Uprising and turning into Archives… or how they did it for Winter Wonderland. First year it was Mei’s Snowball Offensive, but last year they added Yeti Hunt… so hopefully that next Winter Wonderland they bring those two back, and just add a new silly mode. I loved, loved, LOVED Yeti Hunt so much. I would be extremely sad if they just moved on to something else. Each year they should just add a new silly casual mode.

Have Summer Games turn into something just like… Summer Vacations. Have Lucioball, and then just add another more relaxing or fun mode… like for example, a racing mode, have Junkrat rip tires run around maps, having them pass through circles as checkpoints… aka GTAV. Or characters like Lucio who can be fast, or ulting Zens lol. Most of last year skins were themed around summer vacations like Grillmaster and the Widowmaker skin… so yeah. Or have silly olympic games like have Hanzos shoot targets around maps like archery… so many things they could do.

Halloween can keep Junkerstein’s mode and then have an official hide and seek mode and you need to hide from Reaper.

A new Winter Wonderland can bring back the Mei Snowball and Yeti Hunt and just have a new mode this year where you fight on maps but the floor is all frozen and characters slip… idk, something silly… but there is so much they can do for each event each year… no need to remove them.


Please give clarification whether or not all seasonal items are acquired from lootboxes or if event lootboxes will be for anniversary-only items and that old seasonal items are simply buyable with credits.

The aforementioned means new boxes would be so massively bloated with chances of getting old seasonal legendaries that there would be little to no point grinding for new anniversary skins, since the chances of landing a legendary skin for new event would be astronomically small.


I gave my thoughts on the lootbox system… I highly doubt that previous event items will overtake the anniversary ones.

Correct, not just the skins, but all seasonal event items from previous events will be available once Anniversary kicks off on May 22, 2018.

Thank you.


Will the mass of old items coming back dilute our chances of getting items from the new Anniversary event?

Or will the new and old stuff be on separate loot rolls, like it has been with previous events with event and non-event stuff so far?


Are we getting a double xp weekend or something to help with the grinding?

Bah-rooosing check!!

…whoops, wrong game.

No, they are doing a free weekend, making sure that 4 days of the event are just unplayable


“No…nononononono” (Grabs ahold of wallet as it tries to fly away) “Stay with me, I need you!” (50 dollar bill pops out and smacks my hand away as it flys off into the vortex known as blizzard)


Can you confirm if the previous skins (other than 2017 Anniversary) will be in loot boxes or just unlocked to spend Gold on?

Oh, wow! I never got to try brawls! I’m so excited!

Copa Lucioball and the fifa world cup at the same time, nice timing.

But I hope Blizzard add some world cup items like national team skins, flag icon etc.

Sooooo does that count for the Bastion and Winston blizzcon skins? Fingers crossed

Nah, those + Noire widow wont be added.
Legacy items :stuck_out_tongue:

Unacceptable (Hanzo voice)

Are any of the year specific icons or promotional skins available in these? I’m missing the first new years hat icon and the original summer games/halloween icons. Not that it matters, it’s just annoying to have them greyed out for eternity because either they didn’t drop or I couldn’t get them at the time.

Also, stuff like Widow Noire would be nice to be able to get…

I would like to have previous event player icons and sprays, of course, Noire would be nice too!