Paris Map PTR Feedback


The map is gorgeous and the audio is great. All the little things you’ve implemented are really cool.

One minor visual comment:

I end up getting drawn towards the stairs in the below picture during startup time but, I can’t go up it so it’s kind of annoying

You might want to either allow the player to go up or make it so the players eye is more strongly attracted towards the exit

As the map is 2CP and I hate that type so I wouldn’t put too much value on my thoughts on it below:

At times, I felt like I wanted to go higher than the map would let me go on offense.

It feels like the walk back to the first point is really really long as a defender. I’m unsure if that is due to the visual design or if it’s actually longer (I didn’t time it myself and I’ve seen some comments say it’s the same time as Volskaya.)

People seem to run into issues with realizing if they are contesting the second point or not. My teams capped multiple times when the enemy team has people alive that just aren’t on the point. That happens on all sorts of maps but the frequency seems high on the new map specifically.

I’m unsure if this is a result of PTR team comps and won’t carry over to live but, at times it feels like the matches results can be a bit more uneven than some of the other 2cp. (I’ve played less on this PTR than other PTR’s so it might just be low sample size)