Paris Map Feedback


So attacking on Paris, going the right fork, there’s a building with stairs that lead up to a balcony. It feels like a nice attacking snipe spot, but is actually useless? It does house a small healing pack. That would be a perfect spot for potential sniping but the choke is completely blocked by a part of the central building that juts out. Since it’s such a hard choke, a higher sniping area would be nice to help break through.

So the only places to snipe while on attack while behind the choke is smack in the middle in the central building for elevation, which is okay. Kind of like a shorter middle spot on Hanamura. And on the ground with your team. Feels like the balc. should have a purpose? I can’t include image links I guess, sorry! :woman_shrugging:

Also, there are these green booths on the first point and you can perch on the top of the one near the choke, but not the two on the point. Would be nice to be able to.

Also also, kind of sad that you can’t perch on the column tops (abacus?) in the mansion as sniping spots which might be a little too extra, but I am enjoying the neoclassical architecture and flankers are having a field day with this one. There are surprisingly few “typical” sniping spots which make this map feel very fun for creative solutions to sniping the longer I play in it. Kind of ironic since it’s where Widow is from/spent a large part of her life.