Paris Map, Cabaret Luna Spawn Room Bug

While in the Cabaret Luna spawn room, walk over to the bar area to the right, jump over the counter and stand against the back wall. This will cause you to suddenly reappear on the stage as though you just spawned.

I can easily reproduce this bug every time I try to.

Sample video:

Update: it appears that the bug only occurs during the countdown before the spawn room doors open. Once the doors are open the bug no longer occurs. I am also unable to reproduce the bug while in a skirmish.

Additional video:

I’d wager that every spawnroom is surrounded by collision walls that reset you should you manage to glitch your way out before the match starts, and in this case that invisible barrier is clipping into the traversable area of the spawn room.


Happens to me too.
But only during match countdown, during that time when you can move around but spawn doors are still closed.

Was fixed, should be in soon. Thanks!


thanks for squash the best and innocent bug on the map lol


Please don’t remove this bug! It was fun.

too late D:

All bugs are fun was squashed when have a bug with unfair advantage, never has been fixed or have so many months to.