Paris is just Horizon 2.0, and it may be the worst 2CP map


Almost every single time I join a game, half the defending team immediately leaves. I’m still trying to play it more, but so far it’s really easy to see why… First point is basically a GOATS wet dream: It’s extremely cramped, which makes a forward defense very difficult to manage… Even if you use that short ledge for the highground advantage they have two ways to just go around it, if not just rush straight past it (Because it’s a very short alleyway) and you’re forced into a CQC situation. It’s ridiculously easy for a defending team to be forcibly split apart by the attacking team from there. If you defend on point they have several angles to attack you from, and you’re at a huge disadvantage because that forward ledge I mentioned earlier blocks vision and provides them cover (Also those two alternative routes I mentioned have accesses that also provide huge amounts of cover)… Defending on point is impractical as hell too, as there’s just so much cover afforded to the attacking team. Not to mention it takes a long time to get back to defending Point A after dying, even compared to other maps. I’m sure the actual distance isn’t that far, but it’s the sheer number of things you have to walk around to get there that’s the problem.

Point B is basically a kill box with three ways to attack it. There’s almost no actual cover afforded to the defending team, and alternative routes to the objective are too easy for the attacking team to access. It feels like it was designed to be defended up by the big doors leading from Point A, but that’s not very practical as even that has ways you can just walk around the defending team, so a mobile hero can just run to the point to force defense back on point, and if that happens your team’s likely going to split and/or get singled out or forcibly split, and now you’re done for.

So far I’d have to say this map is much worse than Horizon,. I’ve played it so many times, and the only time I was on attack I was backfilled into a losing team with 20 seconds on the clock. Lost every single Defending game even with good teams.

I’m not sure if it’s just bad luck, but so far I’d have to say it honestly doesn’t feel like this map was designed with Overwatch in mind at all. It’s like someone had some scraps of an idea left over from a different game they were working on but didn’t get to use it for, and just decided to throw it together here. This is easily the worst map in the game.


I think this map was designed to be salt on the wound. It amplifies everything wrong with the game right now in so many ways (meta).


the map’s been out for less than a day give it a few weeks before posting stuff like this


2cp is my favorite map type.


Unpopular opinion but I like 2CP maps and I really hope the devs are not gonna listen to the loud minority and ruin the fun for the majority (by deleting those maps from comp).

The game struggled enough with complaints and useless nerfs, we’ve had enough.

The Paris map sure is hard to defend on B but it’s always been this way with 2CP. The defenders have spawn advantage while the attackers have the area advantage. Nothing new there (and it’s fair).

The only thing that’s bugging me a bit is the distance from spawn to A when you defend. I feel like it’s almost impossible to make it in time to contest when you die but maybe it’s just because I’m not accustomed to the shortcuts yet.

Anyways, we have nothing to complain about, especially when it comes to personal and biased opinions. I don’t like maps such as Junkertown or Blizzard World, yet you don’t see me posting useless threads, trying to pass my personal tastes as facts in order to force the deletion of certain maps I don’t like…

Thanks to the devs for this beautiful map !


I love the big open areas, it’s so fun


The loud minority strikes both sides I guess :stuck_out_tongue: ! It proves us that, again, it’s just about personal experience and often biased opinions (especially when we hate certains maps or type of games).


I’d love to know this too.


Indeed i played this as a widow and There Is quite no vertical spots to snipe almost safe.
In point B, maybe good for Hanzo, but Widowmaker dont have any hide places or plateau to play, you have to stay on the ground and of you want do Defend with her sniper rifle, you must stay on the ground, virtually being of no use but only a meatbag.


The map has been out for one day.


I feel like the map is too small and they should extend the map so that the attacking team have a longer respawn run to the first point


2CP can be quite satisfying to unlock, I feel. Although a flaw of it is that all you need is two good pushes and you win, the team might recover but that requires constant body throwing on the point, which is all you can do. Regrouping is too much time spent reorganizing.

That being said, I’m still getting used to Paris, so is everyone else. Give it time before dismissing it as an awful map.


Won my first Defending game.


I have seen dive on attack absolutely SHRED this map. This is DEFINITELY a dive map for attack.


I like it. It’s a map that encourages switching comp after point A is taken. Because of the long distance from A to B. And it’s a map where a few “unconventional” heroes get to shine (mei, sym, sombra).
There was this one game where I was Mei in defense. I stood inside the boulangerie to the left of choke. And a Road was to the right. He hooked an enemy and I put a wall at an angle, completely closing the choke. We killed several that way.


What depth? The map is incredibly small. Barely any “routes” and “chokes”. It’s boring.


It sure the F*** is!!! I am loving this map. Played for 1 hour yesterday and got 4 POTGs as Sym! Paris is feeling very favorable of off-meta (if you believe that crap) heroes and I am all here for it


LOL. The map is defender favored beyond belief especially point A with high ground across all paths and the point itself.


“Meta” is garbage



New map is awesome, best 2cp map by far. Have had equal success on offence and defense.