Paris is just Horizon 2.0, and it may be the worst 2CP map


Are you on the defending team, Do you want a fair game?


oh here’s the 2nd point, WILL JUST AS LITTLE COVER AS THE FIRST

This is Blizzard Quality now, Horizon 2.0 with a crappy reskin, if this is the level of standard we’re getting from Blizzard now, Archives will end up being a pay to win event, and all you win is a sticker saying “You’re winner”


Funny enough, i read a thread today complaing how much this map is defense favored.


It takes more than a few hours to understand the depth of the map, the best routes, best chokes, best team compositions, and whether the map is too attacked or too defender friendly.


“You are a winner” or “You are a whiner”?


It seems to be far closer to Anubis than anything else.


Yep I dislike it a lot too


You can actually get back to the 1st point on Anubis.


Excuse you!

It’s a beautiful reskin. :wink:


Its layout is way more like Anubis than anything else.

First point is a joke and Offense basically only needs 1 pick and its theirs, but playing well and good damage control can win it back.

No, the horror of Paris lies in Point B. Absolutely abhorrent. The walk from attackers spawn is so long that Defense can start a fight in front of their spawn, all die, and respawn in time to contest.

The flanks mean nothing because it all culminates in 1 big open area anyways, and only one actually provides any advantage over going right in. EDIT: also, you need to pass through 2 narrow passages just to get to the courtyard before B; the half closed door and cliffside. Both are terrible. Why not just have that door open? I had a game where we (defense) burned a whole 90s just by chain CCing through that little doorway.

B is so wide that it doesn’t even matter which tank set up you use; theres no good highground to justify picking Winston and its so open Reinhardt can’t really block for his team on the point. orisa can work but its a huge struggle just to get in.

Healthpack placement is terrible throughout, with only 3 minis readily accessible from B and 2 megas far away.

I refuse to believe they actually put in an extra month “making it just right” relative to other January maps. The delay had to be so this dreadful pile of trash didn’t hit the game while the lay-offs were still fresh.


oh hell no they put an “extra month into this”
you can tell they planned to release this during blizz-con, why with that being such a mess up

a trash map for a trash convention, of course they took a month to “improve it”, everyone forgot about Blizzcon by then.


I just wanna know why Blizz keeps making 2CP maps when they know the community hates it. Give us more payload and KoTH.


Because it’s easy to pump out and make, what is effort?
“But buy our lootboxes”


I dunno, it seems like a pretty stellar map for Symmetra/Wrecking Ball on defense.

Hammond gets so many alleys and walls to play with and even a bloody ledge a foot away from point A. Point B gets a statue he can use too + the wide room gives him an advantage with his mobility vs other tanks.

Symmetra can lock down that first point and has so many spots she can teleport her team (destroy all railings). BOSS comp seems ridiculous here. Second point is far more open but the defenders get a height advantage so again Orisa/Bastion/Sym could play around that.

But yea, it sounds like more of a chore for Rein/Zen and some of your more traditional heroes.


lol there is literally NO routing through this map. It was pushed out with NO extra routes. As widow. The first thing I was looking for was a way to HOOk around the buildings and flank. lol. nope.


How the defender spawn room is like a mile away from the first point unless you have really good mobility. Try to get back first point of Anubis with Zarya it takes for ere.



I mean, Hanamura only has one route if you don’t have vertical mobility.


The maps looks pretty good. Shame it is a assault map.


It’s pretty for sure. I’ve only played it a few times so all I can say so far is it feels like there’s no space on 1st cap and wayyyy to much on second. That choke at 1 is a meat grinder. Liking Anubis and Hana more atm but we’ll see after a few dozen games on it.


Just give us a map selector already. The players that dislike 2CP maps shouldn’t be forced to play them.


i wonder if people that made king’s row and numbani still works at blizzard