Paris Eternal vs. Washington Justice - FINAL

June Joust • Week 1


Paris Eternal
Washington Justice
LP: 1 (1-4 -7)
LP: 4 (4-0 +7)

Final Score


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Sounds like the FU reboot is just confirming Philly is cutting the western players because of visas.

There’s also juice about a 2nd Academy team returning and some tweets suggest it might be Mayhem Academy.

Oh, and Justice wins 3 - 1.

i HAD to clip it…why SOE…why?

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I mean, have you seen the man?

no no…the reaction even as a straight man is warranted…why would she agree to filming that clip…lol

She just has the courage to express what the world is feeling.

Justice forgot how to play Overwatch.

I need less of that and more of THIS Justice:

I haven’t looked at the stream since match start, so…

I called Justice 3-1, and I’m sticking with it.

Well Naga is refusing to let Paris lose again.

I’m glad Houston isn’t facing them in this stage.

It feels like they’ve widened the threshold of what counts as “live”. I’ve paused a bit to sync with another stream and it still gives me the red Live dot.

This performance is so bad, it might hurt DC’s chances of statehood. :grimacing:

I thought I heard something about hero bans being reintroduced in OWL a couple of weeks ago. Is that happening now (or in the future) or do I remember that incorrectly?

The 2nd (current) and 4th stages have hero pools.

Rein, Tracer, Sombra, and Zen are banned this month.

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Ah nice ok thx.

No problem. :+1:

These heroes were picked at random from all heroes that had at least a 10% pick rate.

These heroes can’t be banned in the 4th stage.

Quick, someone put Decay’s face on milk cartons.

He’s missing today.

Hopefully both McCree and Ashe will be banned on 4th. Or McCree and Echo.

But INVID, I play Ashe and McCree!

You can watch replays from previous rounds then :laughing:

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