Papa Jeff not putting hero bans

Now I’m excited, thanks Jeff

I hope they introduce crossplay but that won’t happen for now so, what do you guys think they’ll introduce? I’m hyped right now


Well, he also said

This statement doesnt fit with comp queue times lol


1/3/2 on the PTR :smiley:
That‘s my theory.

As a selected block of text once said…

He said matches, not queue times :thinking:

It could be but it seemed like they were in pretty early experiment, also major reworks would be required

I really think 1-3-2 is a mistake. It’ll cut the number of tanks in half or less.


My theory is a character rotation system. Every season or every week or something only so many characters will be playable.


The only really good, plausible solution is 2-3-2, but that’s not something they could consider until after OW2… sigh.

That post was from 2016. Reminder that in 2014 they said they wouldn’t do deathmatch… Sooooo.

They meant permanent comp deathmatch.

They could try reworking some DPS to be tanks. I think Mei, Reaper, Torbjorn, and Symmetra could be tanks. Or they could just put the money and effort into 2-3-2…

No, it was merely deathmatch that was mentioned during the panel.

People were asking for a comp deathmatch, or one as a core of the game.

It still is not core to the game even today.

But they created arcade, thus had a reason to put it in there now.

Imagine sym in the tank, character who has been in every role lmao
I’d be fun

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Still hope they add it for the pro leagues :frowning:

Honestly tank feels like the natural role for builder heroes.

Well they can’t just be like “hey we’re gonna hire [this many more devs] for 6 months and then tell most of them to f off after they’re done” you know what I mean? A lot of them are working on OW2 right now.

I’m talking about the 2014 ow reveal panel. Not what people wanted later on. The wording was not “comp deathmatch” it was merely deathmatch and Jeff, at that time was saying that ow was meant to be a team based game.

Point is most things they said they didn’t think they would implement, they implemented. That’s why Jeff always says “never say never”.

Same goes for hero bans. Might not be now, but it’ll come.

Also take in mind back then there wasn’t arcade, Jeff said once that arcade let the team introduce new fun gamemodes like deathmatch

I seriously doubt the will implement hero bans in this game, for the main reason it wouldn’t be used for the purpose people say it would be. it would only be used to hate on heros they don’t like or think they cant win with.

Plus, it would become very unpopular as the majority of people like to play certain heros only, despite the “effort” of people saying players should play with several heros. Real world is, people have their favorites.

And I’m sure people doubted role queue, since they used to say they didn’t think it was necessary. But here we are.