Palestinian Flag Icon?


If palestine one would anyone recognize the victory?
will the usa be buying team israel lootboxes?


The US stopped their military exercises with SK, and there’s talk about removing sactions on NK.
The US completely changed their stance on NK simply because Kim said “We nice now.”

You’re still not providing any argument out of “read this.”

The US like to pull out of agreements because “Heck it” yet they demand everyone else to hold on their agreement ?

Hegemony is never a good thing. We need a multipolar world, which, unfortunately, we didn’t get once the Iron Curatin fell. Right now it’s “US decide, everyone follow”, even if it means going straight into a wall, head first.
Take global warming for example. Right now, the US deny it. They would well destroy the world if it meant not changing anything. Should everyone else say “Ok, go on” ? Of course not, that’s suicide.

Again, one other agreement where they US like to say “Heck it” and everyone has to suck it up.


dude, this is not the place to discuss such topics, really
i will say that you have no understading on this subject, so chill out

i will very shortly explain this 2%
0 of German submarines can go out of port
5 fighters are combat ready
they got 250 tanks… Russia 18.000

see the problem?
why US gov. is putting pressure on EU states? because there is point when USA is able to help in crisis situation
without capabilities in EU USA can do nothing to save world order that brought unprecedented wealth and peace to whole world

thats it, now chill out


Last I checked, the U.S was still in NATO - expecting its member states to act according to these agreements is well within its rights.

First up, treating the fall of the soviet union as a bad thing means you know every little of just how horrible it was.
To say that the horrors it perpetrated were on par with N@zi Germany is not out of place.
Good riddance to that.
I’ll take the monopoler world of the U.S’s way of life over a bipoler world that includes condemning hundreds of millions of people to that kind of horror just for the sake of multipolerism.

Secondly, the U.S is probably the best possible country to say “I lead, you follow” right now - considering just how much of Europe is willing to seemingly embrace socialism and government overreach.
And the U.S, AFTER leaving the Paris accord, has reduced its carbon emissions more then any other country still in the accord.
So the U.S IS doing something about it, even if it doesn’t accept the idea 100%.

Its not just the U.S that can do this in the case of the U.S
All of the five powers can.
Its a natural result of the U.N being what it actually IS - the U.N does not have a seat at the table of running the world - it IS the table.
And the big boys tend to set the order of the day.


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  1. i didnt insult you even single time
  2. Bundeswehr is in terrible state
  3. and on Wostok exercise they will cencentrate like 7000 tanks that means they are combat ready as we speak

you are clueless
im out


You forgot to mention that the Palestines had in the past enough opportunities to create an actual Palestinian state, and they gladly rejected them every time, deciding to just go on with their terror attacks, and attacking Israel with propelled grenades and short range rockets on a daily base.

Also “refugee” is misleading, because most people living there were born there now where they are living, so they are no refugees.

Let’s just imagine, Mexico would do so with the USA only shortly, what the Gaza strip is doing to Israel on a daily base, boy oh boy… what a nice, big new parking lot the USA would have in their south very soon.


that’s because they aren’t terrorist, that’s why israel is in the game and not palestine.


wtg because now they’ll take out all the flags


You said several time I had “no understanding” and that I’m “clueless.” You ARE insulting.

As much as obligations go, that’s none of the US business.

According to the New York Times, Vostok 2018 will have a whopping number of…900 tanks.

And Israel controlls 80% of Palestinian territory, as well as the entirety of its basic supply of food and water, and its economy. The Palestinian Authority can’t really create a country in such a situation.

Most Israelis weren’t actually Israelis in 1948. Didn’t stop them from forcing their way in.

Bombing civilians, even children, is not terrorism ?


You realize that its those nations who GAIN from Nato’s existence, right ?
The U.S has an ocean between it and Russia and China - its Europe who is in a bind.

we had a 2 pole world - it lead to humanity living on a knife’s edge of nuclear holocaust for 50 years.
having MORE poles would not make thing simpler.

Right now, the US is lead by Trump - who is not in any way shape or form a lunatic.
And he already HAS all of the nuke’s, and I don’t lose a second of sleep worrying about it.

You really need to stop getting your info from the mainstream media - their entire biz model is to keep you in a state of fear because it increases their audience retention.

Its not MY feeling it hurt - its all those poor saps who’s lives it destroyed that bothered me.

And the current state of US colleges are such that unless you plan to be a doctor or an engineer, you should probably skip them.
Also, you can buy whatever healthcare you want - you just don’t get to force other people to pay for it.

Google “US carbon emmission reduction.”
The Forbs article should be one of the first.

Or maybe you shouldn’t go out of your way to create even MORE powers to rule over us all.
The U.N can best be described as the place where the countries that don’t matter get to pretend that they do.
Lets keeps it that way.


@Geniusmage: I’ll make it nice and simple for you: both sides for sure made errors.

The Palestines had enough chances to get their own state, they always blew it. Defunding the UNWRA is a great start to get them thinking again!


I named my Darkmoon Tonk in WoW after him :blush:


Nice…sadly his name is banned as a real tag for my acc.


There isn’t even a Hungarian flag, so…


Then can we have a Confederate flag, too?


which is bull.
There should be one - been to hungry a few months ago - really nice country and people.


That’s kinda odd tbh, I understand whose side he fought at, but he is one of very very few high ranking people who is seen in neutral light and often admired - and not only for his achievements. Not really a “villain”.

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