Paladins vs Overwatch 2019


I’m not sure the pick rate of a Paladins character is going to compare quite the same to a Overwatch character.

Paladins characters have to be unlocked to play in competitive, according to the wiki players can play comp with as little as 14 characters unlocked and has upto 4 bans.

This means that a player who owns the minimum of 14 characters could go into comp, get 4 of those 14 banned. Then have 9 of the other characters picked forcing them to play the last character they have unlocked.

This means there are various scenarios where players are forced to pick between a very small roster of characters which can easily inflate the pick rate of a less than desirable character.

Pickrates for OW are reported as a ratio of 2:12 seems the pickrates are reported per team but I would assume the pickrates in Paladins would be 1:10 ratio and reported per game.


That would make sense since hi rez, the developers, make smite one of the biggest mobas around, smite also being the only moba on console which helps it out.

RIP Paragon :sob:


Are you talking about the champ that has an ultimate with CDs + A guarantee ability to kill one tank from full health and one of the most hated champs/ not fun to play against Drogoz?

Pharah is fine but she just needs skill.


No, she is not fine. What’s fine about Pharah? Nothing. At least on PC.


also i’d like to add that all events were story events (aside from christmas).
Like, the first even set up the fight between paladins and the magistrate.
Then we had an event that explored the backstory of two characters (one was the new hero) and what the magistrate did in the past.
then an event were the paladins retrieve magical dragon gauntlets with the help of said hero.
which are stolen in the next event about the new hero at the time
And then this culminated in the release of the new hero imani, who steals those gauntlets back and then joins the paladins, while also closing the plot of the first event by showing the aftermath.

Basically all events were intertwined and told a story.
Imagine if every overwatch event was an Archive chapter. Imagine events dedicated squarely on the new hero.

If paladins had overwatch production values and polish i would choose paladins.
The one thing paladins lack are small term rewards. I miss when levelling up would give you a radiant chest.

Also paladins has many things to keep op things in check. That doesnt mean there arent hated metas and heroes, but usually they never feel as oppressive as overwatch, were a single hero can delete another hero by virtue of existing and there’s nothing you can do to lessen the blow.

ps: drogoz ult is balanced, it has counterplay, since drogoz is vulnerable for the whole attack.
Khan ult instead is freaking absurd. Imagine if roadhog hook was hitscan autoaim and held you in place stunned for like 4 seconds.And then he can shoot you werever he feels for unavoidable environmental kills


They’ve made it hitscan this patch. You need to aim it now at least. That’s something.

Your comment made me want to mention how ults in Paladins are soo much more fair and reasonable. Noone of the ults are actually taking effect until the voiceline starts actually playing, and there’s a lot of counterplay towards it. They are not instawin buttons but allow you for some crazy plays. Pip ult’s doesnt hold enemies in place, doesn’t do damage, can actually SAVE your enemies and yet is considered the best ult in the game. And there’s more thinking to using ult.

Let’s compare Seris ult vs Zarya ult. They both pull enemies in 1 place. However, Seris stun only last 1.5 second and can be avoided by movement abilities, anti CC, shields, and cannot be used as an environmental kill. Seris need to use brain in order to get that teamwipe, and being close to eachother is not enough of a reason to press your ult button.

Zarya on the other hand needs to press Q when enemy team is clumped up together. That’s all. Which is sad, considering it was actually reasonable at start. Most of movement abilities actually worked before, which means that Zarya also needed to think about enemy escape cooldowns before using it.


Exactly, which is why I consider Paladins a better designed game.


Both have their pros and cons. At least and Paladins every character can defend themselves, play style is your own, abilities are fun. You can counter things like CC, and I find you don’t need to babysit much of anyone. You also see who performed good/bad at the end, and I have seen near zero levels of toxicity at least on console. Cosmetics are very expensive though if you want to buy chests.

Overwatch is well, we all know how it is. The good,bad, and the ugly.


seris actually works more like orisa’s halth, except with the added caveat that it has to hit a surface to activate.
And it lasts so little that to make a real teamwipe the dps ult has to be deployed almost istantly.

Yes, ult are fare more reasonable and less gamechanging.

And yes, khan ult was rebalanced… but now it’s so weird and buggy to use. It’s supposedly a projectile, yet you don’t actually see the projectile.
Before that ult was straght up uncounterable. The only counter to khan’s ult was literally “don’t ever enter his line of sight”. Now you can counter it by moving unpredictably, but against other tanks it’s still as deadly, if not more.
Khan’s BIG nerf was removing the Firing Line talent.

Still, i don’t want overwatch to become like paladins. The two games are actually quite different despite being in the same genre.
But there are a few things i think overwatch can take from paladins.

  1. a ban system. It helps keeping op heroes in check and prevent 6 heroes only metas (this is the core overwatch problem for me. No matter what we do, there will always be a 6 hero comp that works better than anything else. It’s how the game is designed). I know we don’t have many tanks or healers, so just make it that you can ban one hero per class, this way you can’t ban two tanks. As new heroes are introduced, this limit can be lifted.

  2. diminishing returns: especially on crowd control. In paladins, the more you use cc in a row to one character, the weaker it gets. The first stuns lasts 100%. The second stun within 2 seconds gets 20% shorter. Then 40, then 60 and so on. This way stacking crowd control becomes less effective.

  3. do not recycle events too much. I think the minievents are a good compromise. Nanocola and Bastet were pretty cool.
    Give us more events focusing on lore. They don’t all have to be as grandiose as uprising or retribution.
    Also, add some older event skins to regular lootboxes, they lost their charm and exclusivity by now.
    Or else… just mixup events.
    Like, instead of a chinese new year, let’s have a carnival themed event. A dias de los muertos instead of halloween.


I prefer overwatch. Paladins sucks.


I used to play Paladins a lot, but every time I’d touch Overwatch during that time, Overwatch always felt like the better game. I can’t think of a single thing the Paladins team did better, except some of their skins that look pretty amazing.


Actually wish Overwatch inspired themselves from Paladins for Ash, Lian, Tyra, Androxus(his shadow step > Reaper’s shadow step), Ying, Jenos and Maeve(see Maeve is a more balanced Genji),
aside from Maeve and Andro, characters I mentioned are quite unique compared to Overwatch, Ash is the most fun tank there is, Lian is cool, Tyra has the had the fire area denial people have been wanting in Overwatch since forever, her marking is interesting, Ying’s healing output is cool and she’s not too bad against flanker, yet is the weakest support against them, Jenos is fun as heck…


Paladins is in a case of rough Seas with the way the balancing is as of THIS WEEK
but at least the game has a half decent comp system, definitely above OW
DMG are fun to play but a little frustrating depending on what targets they have (some are tank slayers while others tickle)
FLANK are glass cannons and need a bit of working around to make them more all around team players (nerf street justice pls)
FRONTLINE are actually usable where they dont need to provide only shields and they can kill things on their own.
it’s not a case of “oh yeah we dont have the best healer in the game GG”
AND they can deal damage without being “DPS SUPPORT THROW”

Overwatch is in a state of, rock paper i forgot how the rules work have a support that kills everything that’s not a reinhardt
what were we playing oh yeah scissors


only, and only, without street justice


paladins dead, overwatch dead…so they are pretty much even


yeah, most of paladins similarities are skin deep at worst. Most are incidental and some it actually was paladins who did them first.

well, it’s normal, they changed how the shop works and changed talents and several cards.
It’s normal that the balancing is gonna be wank.
But unlike overwatch i know that in a months top they’ll already have worked around the most glaring issues.

well, since the rework street justice isn’t that bad, it only really affects tanks. Before it was a guaranteed two shot on any single hero in the game. And since maeve has access to a cd resetting ability…


The problem I have with Paladins is EVERY hero has a mobility ability which, in my opinion, makes the gameplay less diverse. Not only that, healers in Paladins are pretty boring and they all mostly focus on DPS :frowning:


I’ve been a long supporter of Paladins. I’ve played more of it then Overwatch for sure.
While it doesn’t have the in dept lore like Overwatch in each map and stuff it does have tons that Overwatch doesn’t.

I actually started Paladins after the 3rd person patch and have not been disappointed yet. The events, the community, everything is great.
Over watch on the other hand is focusing to much on esports and not on improving the game. This is why player base is starting to drop. The same old thing gets boring.
I’d love the 3rd person mode in Overwatch, many heroes would do great with it, but as it stands i’d have to side with Paladins if we’re being asked to pick a side. Overwatch just feels, stale.


It has more heroes, the heroes kits are more nuanced, ultimates aren’t easy press Q to win buttons.

Overwatch is more polished, but the balance and gameplay of paladins is better.


well if only this is the problem, we are talking about animations, Blizzard is an animation company who is making videogames, like Pixar, try to imagine, Dreamworks or Pixar making animations for videogames, it’s rather obvious the animations will look amazing without any kind of mistake.