Paladins vs Overwatch 2019


It’s been about 2 1/2 years since both games released. Which would you say is the better game these days?


I think they’re roughly in the same state, honestly. Paladins lacks a certain amount of polish that Overwatch has, but makes up for it with the card system they have (imo). Paladins has a LOT of bugs, especially with this most recent patch, but they have more heroes to play as. Overwatch devs are slightly more involved in the community than Paladins’ devs. I would say the biggest difference lies in the community… It seems that the OW community is more toxic than the Paladins community. I could be wrong about that though, since I’m nowhere near involved in the Paladins’ community as I am in the Overwatch community. Oh, and I think that Paladins has done a better job at building lore for their game.

Overall, I love both games and believe that both are worth playing, because I have lots of fun with both. That’s just me, though.


I can agree somewhat.

I just dislike the way guns and such work in Paladins.

Eliminations and the guns do not feel impactful. (In Overwatch it actually feels like you’re firing a weapon, in Paladins I could be playing Koga and it just feels like he’s just walking and bullets are spewing out of his SMGs for no reason.)


I love both, but they’re no longer comparable, the paladins dev has been good at making their game more different from OW.
I prefer Overwatch’s overall look, cleaner UI, models, etc, the Blizzard polish and all that.
But I consider Paladins more… even? Its weird to explain. I lose a lot more in paladins but it feels more like it was my fault, not teammates :thinking:
Plus the 2-2-1 5 player meta feels more fresh than 2-2-2 in a way xd

i miss 200k healing make him broken again gtredswa


I’d honestly be playing more paladins if the weaponry actually felt like… well… weaponry!

Compare Sha Lin’s bow draw to Hanzo’s, Hanzo’s bow draw actually feels good while Sha Lin’s doesn’t really feel like much.

Plus the sensitivity of Paladins on console sucks.


OH YEA thats so true
I love Hanzos feel but Sha Lin feels… so weird. His glowey arrows dont feel like they impact and his bow draws so… grossly.

i have jenos’ vip weapon so i get the fancy sound effects :sparkles:

But yeah Paladins lack some polish, but hey its F2P


Paladins is definitely less polished but is much more balanced, each champ is viable (no f-tier heroes).


Paladins gameplay is a lot more diverse than OWs (mainly because more frequent updates, more heroes [and every class has about the same amount of heroes] and Paladins fantasy setting is more open to diffrent character designs [There are walking trees and dead pirates in Paladins, we wont have that in OW])

But Paladins gameplay lacks, their graphics and mechanics arent as smoothly as OWs also its more expensive (if you want to have the “good” stuff)


Drogoz is pretty fun and Pharah is terrible. Blizzard can only make tanks and snipers strong.


Overwatch is in GOATS Meta and Paladins is also in a Tank Heavy, Slow No Mobility Allowed Meta.

Go Figure


Well that’s the issue with paladins.
It doesn’t feel satisfying.


I honestly cant see how paladins could even be close to OW in any respect.


Paladins 100%. Paladins is actually enjoyable to play, overwatch isnt.


  1. Paladins is indisputably less polished than overwatch with the amount of bugs and glitches the game has in compariosn. However, we must remember it is a f2p game but also starting this year they have announced they are specifically budgeting dev time to give them a chance to fix those bugs. They just announced ‘THE HUNT’, basically a massive purge of the bugs in the game that they will be focusing on all year starting with the biggest bugs that have been around for the longest time. Yes the game is buggy but the fact they are listening to the communities annoyance about said bugs and put aside specific dev time to fix them is a massive positive imo. Actually hearing feedback and changing things accordingly, something the OW devs cant seem to do because theyre ‘always right’
  2. Crossplay. Now in a time where everyone is encouraging crossplay this may come as a shock but crossplay is actually one of the worst things about Paladins. Imagine not being able to talk to 3/4 of your team because they are all on different platforms compared to you. That sucks. Thats isnt to say in the future crossplay cant be great just the way it is implemented right now is inherently negative for the game.


  1. Loadouts are a system in paladins that allow you to play the hero the way you want to play them. Ever wanted to play dps mercy and be a viable strat? In paladins that is a possibility thanks to being able to make loadouts for each hero to compliment that playstyle. If theres a part of a hero’s kit you really enjoy or are really skilled at using, you can enhance that ability with a deck that compliments that and makes you even stronger in the places you were already good in. Also I feel this is the best place to talk about TALENTS. Talents are cards that allow you to fundamentally change how that hero plays. Every hero has 3 talents that you can choose 1 of that enhance or change the way you play that hero. It can be as simple as ‘when running as soldier 76, he heals himself’ or as drastic as turning a flanker into a support by giving then the ability to heal. The main point is choice, you as the player get to choose what you want your hero to play like and thats great.
  2. The item shop in paladins is extremely fundamental to how the game manages to stay in semi-decent balanced state. These items keep certain statuses in check, things like too much CC, too much healing, too many tanks, and are there to make sure they dont break the game and make it unplayable. This also has the side effect of differentiating skilled players from the not-so skilled. Skilled players will know which items to pick to counter they enemy comp the most effective. Too many shields take ‘wrecker’ which increases your damage against shields. Too much healing take ‘cauterize’ to reduce the healing the enemy can receive. Too much CC take ‘resilience’ and turn that 2 second stun into a 0.2 second stun. It stops things like brigitte from getting out of hand and also stops things like goats from being a meta in paladins.
  3. Diveristy in heroes is another major positive over Ow. In Ow there are 3 categories, human, omnic and animal. In paladins there are significantly more diversified heroes. Humans, animals, robots, elementals, elves, dwarves, a faerie, dragons, undead, a witch, 2 sisters 1 an angel the other the devil and whatever the heck talus is. Way more unique designs, way more interesting abilities. Obviously overwatch is made to be set in a srmi-realistic world so i wouldnt expect them to add crazy things like faeries but its still 1 thing paladins does better.
  4. Lore is much more plentiful in paladins with every patch adding new backstory to existing and sometimes new heroes. Each hero even has a lore page in the hero gallery where it gives a brief backstory, something we have to go to the wiki or official website to learn about with OW. Lore was one of the things that got me interested in OW and to see that in 3 years we have vietually gone no where is disappointing at best. Theres no excuse for the lack of story development in ow especially when the lore team are seperate from the balance team.
  5. Events are way more varied and exciting in paladins than ow. Yes the standard of the mode/skins you get are going to be of a lower quality compared to Ow but, to put in simply, they dont rehash old boring content and spin it to be something new. The first event we had a mystery team deathmatch added with a new map that later launched officially into the game, similar to how rialto was done. Then the second event we had a parkour, platforming mode which climaxed in a ffa at the top of a giant tower in hell. Then we played capture the flag in a fort being overlooked by a dragon for the 3rd event. Then for halloween we had a mini boss fight/ raid style event where it could spawn in a boss into your game and suddenly the 2 team fighting against each other 30 seconds ago are now teaming up to defea this boss. And then we have just had the xmas event where every day for 2 weeks something new happened in the game. Double xp, double gold, free sprays, free weekends etc. Now compare this to ow where for the last 3 years we have been doing the same trash over and over it makes it look embarassing in comparison to what paladins provides. Did I not mention they dont REPEAT events. Most of the game modes/maps that they make for events get added into the game post event permanently.
  6. Skins while worse in aesthetic quality are actually way more detailed than most of the trash pumped put of ow. Every new skin brings with it new visual and sfx effects, not only new voicelibes but also a completely new voice for the hero. Imagine the new reaper skin actually sounding like a chinese warlord instead of same old reaper. As i said, they may look less detailed but more is happening under the surface to appreciate. Not to mention the designs for most new skins are superior in concept to many things overwatch has done because they have way more creativity snd innvoation as devs.
  7. Finally Progression is another point i wish to compare. In ow you grind levels to get lootboxes, thats it. In paladins when you play each hero it individually levels them up earning rewards the more you play that hero. You actually get rewarded for being skilled at a hero, crazy. Also you actually have a reason to want to play the game due to the battle pass. I know most of the community hate the idea of battle passes ‘fortnite hurrdurr’ etc. but if im being honest the reason i keep going back to paladins is because i want to play to earn the stuff in the battle pass. I have no such urge to do so with overwatch ‘come back and grind lootboxes to get duplicates’ nah thanks, i think i’ll pass.

I dont expect overwatch to implement all theses things or anything like that, im merely pointing out areas that paldadins excels in in comparison.


Now if they actually cared those bugs would have been gone a long time ago.


Era of Bugfist is already forgotten?


Cause they didn’t care about him ?


Paladins feels like it was made to be a moba and then they saw overwatch and were like “quick make some guns!”. It’s a joke of a fps but a good game otherwise.


The game only launched this summer :joy: They have been focusing on getting the game to a playable state in terms of balance first. They literally just updated to patch 2.0 last week which significantly changed the games balance which was stuck in a burst damage meta. Now that balance is on its way up theyre focusing on bug fixes. Overwatch has been out 3 years and still has major bugs that havent been fixed from launch.


Paladins is just feel more fun to play while OW is frustrating as you can get.
OW is still more polished but if the game makes you feel like trash, it doesn’t matter much anymore.

Heck, most ppl who are still playing OW probably only do it for the free stuff and not because it feels good to play.


Honestly, Paladins came a long way and now it (mostly) is vastly different to Overwatch. Although, obviously, there’s no doubt that some of the features and characters have been heavily, umm, “inspired”, especially early character designs.

That being said, I wish the “Inspiration” was from the so-called “Blizzard Polish” and not from the bad character kit design choices Overwatch has. The game is spilling bugs from all of its orifices, while also being, obviously, weaker in graphics in comparision, but perhaps that’s a good thing, for those with lower-end PCs.

However, playing both of those games made me realize that no matter how great or terrifyingly bad your game polish is, your game cannot be addictive nor enjoyable to play unless you came up with a well designed (not to confuse with executed) idea, which is where Paladins currently shines.

In Paladins, all of the characters are more of generalists that are supposed to suit your desires, which means none of the characters are actually niche. Or rather, not as niche as 1st point 2CP defense or “I counter Pharmercy” niche. There’s also not as much of a hard countering, which means that you can usually play anyone you want, as long as s/he fills the composition criteria. There’s also no counterswapping, and players actually balance fight around them with the use of character ban system and item shop.

A character feels to powerful or is too beneficial on this map? Just ban him/her. Problem solved.

Item shops helps as well. Basically, you gain credits during a match for killing/healing/tanking etc. and you can buy 4 items that solve your problems. Too much CC? Buy anti-CC. Enemy team has 4 healers or monkeys on your team struggle to outdmg 1 healer? Anti healing is there for you. Enemy team has stupid comp of 4 tanks and 1 great healer? Just build more damage to shields. Too much damage? There’s damage resist right in front of you buddy.

These are, in my opinion, really well thought of mechanics that helps the game balance greatly.

You are also stuck with 1 character whole match, and there can only be 1 character in a game, which might sound terryfying at start, but allows for much more diversity in comps.

Does it work? Well, last time I checked, the “Trollpick” character, Moji, had 6.5% pickrate in competetive. Meanwhile in OW our trollpicks struggle to get 1% pickrate sometimes. If that doesnt prove better design choices I don’t know what will.