OW's Most Pressing Problems and their Solutions

so you want to nerf some heros and buff others so that the game becomes unplayable at all? just stupid sry

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No, the rework means she’s a dive DPS with 40 damage but enough sustain to get elims anyway, and a long enough ranged Fade (with flight too) that you can dive fully.

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Was he doing reworks? If thats the case then yeah I could see it but also as a moira main i will say that as she stands Moira is not a dive hero

No, he’s making heroes OP so that you can solo as the role (but adding extra restrictions to prevent people from using too many OP heroes), but also reworking them into different heroes, but also giving out abilities with special mechanics to strengthen heroes against their predicted counters and an imagined GOATS meta. Also, change for the sake of change.

This thing is still a mess despite several iterations. Mostly because of the 1-1-1 with limits of 3, plus OP tanks and healers dividing the role and making 3 supports barely even possible because of only two not being OP.

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You’re aware of MOBAs, right? I don’t believe these heroes will become carries although they may have a lot of impact but a difference between power levels is not irreconcilable with balance. Except here you’re bolstering the fun of less popular roles instead of making your most popular role languish in queues.

As far as main tanks being made into unstoppable behemoths:

One, it’s clear people, including yourself, aren’t even in the same ballpark as one another. This indicates a major lack of understanding and a tendency for exaggeration and even hyperbole.

Two, if Orisa becomes too problematic in the way you describe you tone down her barrier to 900 points for instance. The lower cooldown stays. The only aspect of 2-2-2 I’m concerned about is a mirror. I think you’re underestimating the effect of triple DPS.

I have about as much clue of what you just wrote as you have of what you’re responding to.

I’m glad you’re catching onto some things. :stuck_out_tongue: As far as this quote is concerned, the tank role is already more severely divided. For the most part historically you get Reinhardt or dive. Players showed little tolerance for double shield so good luck buffing Orisa and Sigma, and good luck nerfing Reinhardt’s shield. What is being done here is making Orisa and Sigma competitive with Reinhardt while preventing double shield. This actually improves variety. The five supports listed are a total pool, as I have mentioned several times now. Three at a time are to be active, which means there can be a rotation.

No? Its what I think will happen based on my previous one tank experience.

I’d play Rein, the enemy would play a tank to match Rein (it wasn’t always a Rein V Rien mirror match), and each team would see which tank would die first so the other tank could gain ground.

I had a lot of fun doing that, a LOT of fun, but its clear that’s not what the players wanted. That’s fair enough; I know I’M not the only one playing Overwatch, so I’ll tolerate changes that I don’t really like.

However, a mandatory ONE tank could easily bring those days back. If no one liked it back then, why would people like it now with a single tank that has to be powered up?

In my many hours of Overwatch prior to 2-2-2 role queue as a DPS player I never attached such importance to a single tank. I think very few people had an issue with lone tank players having too much fun or importance, lol! Everyone is claiming the opposite was the issue.

Really? I’m not saying you’re lying at all, I’m just surprised to read that. Everything pre 2,2,2 was “4 DPS, 1 tank, 1 support”, for a lot of people. At least, in Quick Play it was.

I guess if you only play Comp, where they did 2,2,2 anyway, I can understand how you never had to be the only tank or see one tank. All I know is that I exclusively played Tank on the PS4 back then, only because I loved Rein and Hog, so practically every match was as I described unless I felt like playing someone different.

From what I recall while 2-2-2 was represented there was a lot of single tank play too. Jeff Kaplan noted something along these lines too.

Spit it out.

Half the Moira voicelines summarize my feelings about you.

I relate to her condescension. :slight_smile:

Actually, the overlap is uncanny.

One hand gives, the other takes away.
Stupidity is not a right.
What are you on about?
You’re mistaken.
Clearly, evolution does not distribute its gifts equally.
Your ignorance frightens me.

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I just don’t get how you handwave away the issues with balancing three-stacking any role, then proceed to give detailed balance ideas.

What am I hand-waving? Tank and support buffs victimize tank and support players less under three DPS. In fact, DPS players may have to go after one another. Anti-GOATS changes involve neglected heroes to keep that scourge at bay. Then I make some further adjustments while I’m at it.

Stacking heals on top of OP healers, plus an OP barrier, plus another tank, and Mei to make it even harder to fight.

You’d need to buff DPS a lot to have a chance at getting through that. Reaper’s weird pierce shotguns aren’t going to do anything against hundreds of HPS and Bap’s field. Torb doesn’t have a GTFO card to do any decent melting. And if you manage that, we’re back where we started, except with big numbers and more divided roles.

There are already DPS heroes practically made for dishing out extreme damage - they just hadn’t been put in a proper context and were left as oddities. Their weaknesses should be other forms of damage such as medium to long range. I also tweaked dive.

Two birds with one stone.

The barriers, if you’ll recall, were actually normal.

Not the kind of extreme damage that you’d need for super-GOATS.

Says who?

Just gonna say that some of your suggestions in terms of new abilities seem a bit too complicated compared to the things that are in the game. I feel like the dev team want abilities that are, on their surface, relatively easy to comprehend, and don’t need a manual and a look at the wiki to figure out how the hell the things work.