OWL2021 - Shock vs Hunters - FINAL

This Map is terrible for Pharah……

So close to full hold

Hanzo buffs were a mistake

Cue the spawn camp….

Thank you, God, for allowing me to catch the tail end of Shock vs. Hunters.

Curse you, God, for forcing me to provide testimony that will ultimately mean 2 of my fellow coworkers will be fired this weekend…

Leave is definitely hard carrying chengdu.

But choi continues to carry shock in return.

Such a good start….don’t give me this much hope!!!

Toying with my emotions man

These Games are actually incredible

Final Score


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Happy Shock won. But man I really wished they would of knocked out another team. Hate it for Leave.

Welp, guess I’m rooting for Shanghai now.

I knew it, Choi carried that with his amazing dva.

So we’re down to final 4

Not at all who I thought it would be

Yep. We now know the Top 4. It’s Shock, it’s Reign, it’s Fuel, it’s Dragons.

Still can’t believe this is only the second match…man, encore broadcast tomorrow is gonna be FUN!

Only Shanghai Dragpms remains as the only remaining East region team. Chengdu Hunters end the season 5th place and takes home $150,000 USD. Shock will play against Atlanta tomorrow. Now comes the Winner’s Final for the postseason.

Bring out the popcorn.

Because this is OWL and countering stuff is more advanced than “go hitscans”

This is true….but it does often feel more like theyre just ignoring than doing some highly complicated countering

I brought it up because it’s something that’s always caught my eye since season one….how drastically different pharah play is

That’s less than $25,000 a player. How do they survive? Ramen noodles???

The players get paid a yearly salary, so playoff prizes are bonus money. It’s been like that since Day 1 back in 2018. Now let us enjoy the matches in peace, please.

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