OWL2021 Playoffs - Shock vs Dragons - FINAL


San Francisco Shock
Shanghai Dragons
LP: 12 (12-4 +19)
LP: 20 (12-4 +19)

Final Score


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Post-season playoff details.

  • This is a double-elimination tournament.
  • Matches are played first to three.
  • Higher seed in each match gets to pick the starting Control Map.
  • Loser of the previous map picks the map for the next round. The winner picks on whether to attack or defend first.

Let’s Go Shock! But… I will say they aren’t the Boogeymen they’ve been the last two years. But I have faith.

Fearless is the correct pick…

come @ me…

Congrats to Leave. A little surprised

I’m pretty surprised is was Leave. I don’t hear that many people talk about him.

oh the casters talk about him plenty…and being a chinese player he got like ALL the chinese audience vote…id be curious to see all the non audience votes

anyway…spicy match incoming!!!

shanghai 3-1

the ilios well today…

Got greedy with that EMP.

Roadhog detected…ERROR ERROR


Shock apparently don’t know you can change heroes in spawn. And that you can bench Glister.

3-0 Dragons no question.

Dang, ok, Moon looking like a genius right now :neutral_face:

SF has been quite vulnerable all year…i dont think it was that outlandish a decision

Moon is deciding Shock should play their worst players and never swap? Nothing against him, but this Shock wouldn’t beat anyone in Hawai’i the way they’re playing.

Alright, I’m here, but I don’t know for how long.

Yeah but they looked pretty good leading up to the playoffs. Gave LA a great game heading into Countdown Cup. Honestly I just think the Dragons are too good.

Yeah you may have a point there. Haven’t been sold on their DPS since Striker retired.

theyre so ridiculously versatile…

like shock have always been so good at doing one thing better than everyone else…but theyre weak this year and shanghai can seemingly play ANY style…

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i think they really miss moth…if im not mistaken he was the shot caller

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That was a huge loss. No one really talked about that, but yeah his role in their success was very understated.