OWL viewership tokens bugged?

I just got the little pop up when I logged in to Overwatch that I’ve been granted OWL tokens but when I went to the shop I still had the same amount as I did before.

Anyone know what’s going on?

Doesn’t it take a few days or longer for them to appear?

That shouldn’t be the case I think.

I got my tokens so, a bug I guess.

I need to know if you are watching on the YouTube platform or the Overwatch League platform. Right now most users on OverwatchLeague.com seems to be getting their tokens. Those watching on YouTube have either reported delays or not earning any yet.

I am tracking all issues on my master thread here. Please take the time to report there.

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How many did you get?

@wyoming I’m on the owl website

Ill check once I’m home though I’m not sure I actually watched enough given I was at the beach and my connection was worse than bastions pick rate (I had the YT page up)

Just gonna reply again to you to make sure you get the notification

I’m watching on the OWL website

10, 20 character…

so i logged in to see the OWL tokens awarded splash screen but unfortunately im not sure how many i had before…ill have a better idea tomorrow…but i did get the splash

That is welcoming news. Did you watch on Youtube or OverwatchLeague.com

YT (not sure how many hours cause my connection was in and out)

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That is very good to hear.

I watched YouTube and OverwatchLeague at the same time in order to guarantee tokens since the system can be broken sometimes. I watched the whole stream and only got 5 tokens…

Just to add my experience-- for Day 1 of the experimental card tournament (March 27th) I tuned in late, but recieved 10 OWL tokens when I signed in on my PS5 later on, which seemed accurate.

Today (March 28th) was Day 2, and I was queued up before it even started, and watched the entire tournament. This was on YouTube.

I checked tonight, assuming I’d have recieved 20 tokens, but I was only given 5. It’s possible that this is just a delay, and more are coming soon? But based on the response above, I’ll be watching on overwatchleague.com from now on, and hopefully the rewards will be consistent and accurate.

Last year I had terrible luck getting the tokens for time I spent watching unless I had the matches running on the OW League app. It’s so incredibly convenient to watch from YouTube, so I hope this gets ironed out.

Watched about 2 hours on the OWL website, immediately got 10 tokens upon logging into the game after it ended, and not even after the whole thing, pretty sure I closed the browser while they were still talking to IM37. :woman_shrugging:

Ok so 2nd day update…

Today I also watched on YT (pretty much all the event)

But where yesterday I got a splash screen but didn’t know how many tokens I got…today I didn’t get splash at all and still have same amount of tokens I had yesterday…

Sooooo…what happened blizz!

Though I will say I watched on my PC today (phone yesterday) so I had many more windows open…perhaps it has something to do with being active window?

new update…i now have 15 more tokens than i had yesterday…so they were seemingly delayed but i did get them