TLDR : Bug when spectating a D.va player

I’ve been using the OWL viewer for a couple of hours now and I love it but there have been a few bugs such as the previously mentioned FOV slider problem but i’ve also noticed something else with the viewer.

When spectating a dva that uses a bomb, the client will follow the dva bomb as if mini did was still inside and if you press the button to focus on Dva it will then return back to mini Dva. Further on if the Mini Dva gets back into their mech, the camera is now inside of the mech instead of following the mech.

A small bug but noticeable, other than that love the viewer, a very nice addition

(Chris Avina) #2

Thanks for the report. We are looking into this issue further.


I’m actually seeing a lot more issues. I’m seeing issues every time D.va Leaves OR enters mech. I’m also seeing an issue where I can’t skim to certain times as D.va, I assume because she’s not in the same mech state she’s in currently.

Surprising this didn’t come up in your internal testing given D.vas popularity in OWL…