OWL Tokens on YouTube?

Make sure it says connected under the video (the diamond looking logo) and that your watching on the official channel (I believe they have multiple streams)

I haven’t had any issues with YT as far as tokens go…130 or so so far going back to last week


Yes, it says connected. I’ve almost never been able to get drops to work since they left Twitch.

There was some issues last year…but so far it seems to be working pretty well from what I gather…


If you have multiple bnet accounts make sure the right one is linked, I had the wrong account linked initially but now it’s fine and I get tokens 100% of the time

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I do not have multiple battlenet accounts. I’ve heard that drops have a delay? I checked right at the end of the hour. Maybe I should check again later?

I’ve heard there is a delay as well, although I haven’t experienced it myself. Waiting a few hours is a good shout but if the issue persists the you should check this thread ->Overwatch Streaming Rewards Guide & Troubleshooting

And my PSN is linked with my Battlenet as well. I never had problems back on Twitch, but since then, it’s been giant headache.

What country do you reside in?

Also are you making sure you are watching on a desktop computer or mobile device? Don’t use the PlayStation YouTube app.

Working fine for me both on the owl site and on yt with a connected battlenet account

Try the owl app or website, I don’t trust this finicky YouTube drops thing the others are more reliable

I live in the USA. I am watching on a laptop computer.

Edit: I just got a drop in-game. I suppose it’s working for now.

All these OWl methods seem to have problems. I would say the least likely to have issues is the App, but since it’s only available for phones it kind of means you have to watch it on a 6 inch screen… or burn out your phone leaving it on for hours.

Youtube seems better than Twitch or the website, but some people still have problems and you still have no idea if your earning tokens till hours/days later if something goes wrong.

Only other suggestion I would say is make sure it’s live. IF it gets behind the stream I don’t think it counts. You might still be watching but if your a few seconds off and that live button turns grey, I don’t think it counts.

I tend to put it on the lowest quality possible to just to ensure no buffering happens.

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Thanks for the advice. Watching on the app is not an option for me, and yes, the stream is live on YouTube. Again, I just got a drop in-game, so it seems to be working for now.

It’s my main issue with the various systems they have used. It’s not that it never works, it’s just unreliable and you might get half the ones you deserve.

Given it takes something like 33 hours of live game footage to earn enough tokens to buy a skin… it’s kind of annoying you have no idea if it works or not till after the fact.


Go to the top of the forums page where it shows your battletag, click it, click account settings, log in if asked, click ‘connections’ on the menu on the left side, scroll to Google account and see which it says it’s connected to.

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I just afk watch on the OWL website to ensure I get the tokens drop.

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it wasnt connected to any google account, but youtube kept saying that it’s been connected.

Also few suggestion when it comes to tokens:

  1. If you have Opera as another browser, use it
  2. Make sure that you have only cookies of the OWL
  3. Before the live stream connect your account with Blizzard
  4. Watch the live stream on the OWL main page
  5. Check on the OWL main page to be sure that your country is eligible to earn token drops

I am saying this from experience because when i followed all this tips last time when i was watching the grand finals i had received tokens.

You can verify your YouTube/Google account link at account.battle.net

I use the Overwatch League mobile app and run the stream while I play Overwatch 2.