OWL tokens not granted

I watched the stream this morning and currently watching the replay. I did not receive the token drops from the 1st stream but I am currently receiving streams from the 2nd stream.

I have not changed anything from the 1st stream to the 2nd and it says my account is connected.

Edit: Now that I think about it, I didnt get them from yesterday’s stream either.

Can this be resolved?

I provide a guide to help you start earning tokens again which you can find in the link below, however, Blizzard Support does not provide any assistance to reimburse tokens due to technical errors.

You didnt read my post did you?

Oh I read it, my response still stands.

This has happened to me twice now, last stream even gave me the message on Main Menu saying tokens granted but when I go to the Shop, its the same number of tokens from before the stream. :frowning:


i have also not received the tokens from this past weekends matches. i have also noticed the connected dot has changed from pink to green. i kept reloading the page and i either got no dot, or the green dot. does anyone know what the colors mean and how to fix it?

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So explain how, when nothing changed, I didnt receive tokens from one stream to the next.

I’ll be waiting.