OWL token drops not working

I have my battle.net acc or ow account whichever one you call it connected to youtube, it says it is connected and i will be getting drops. Except i havent been getting any drops, i watched for i think 3 hours, and i didnt get a single token. Back during the experimental tournament im fairly sure i canget drops from that too but i could be wrong, but i did not get any drops

is there any reason to that or are there any way to fix it?

There could be a delay. I got 5 tokens, but that was it, I should’ve gotten more.

it has been 9 or 10 hours already tho

It can take up to 24 hours for tokens to show up on your account if you watch on YouTube.

This is why I’ll continue to use the OWL website. Sometimes there is a short delay (like 10 - 30 mins), but usually I get the rewards instantaneously from watching on there.

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ahhh okay i’ll try that

What country do you reside in?

Also I have other steps of troubleshooting available here:

didn’t worked on youtube for me, the old method of using owl website does work

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I live in belarus, is it not eligible?

No… that would be a restricted country due to heavy U.S. and International sanctions. I don’t think you will even be able to earn non-Token rewards either.

unlucky i guess…

I’m having the same issue. Just got 5 not too long ago even though I watched all of yesterday’s streams for the Texas showdown and the matches that came after it. I even watched from 8:00 am till that match ended this morning. So I know I should have gotten more tokens than just 5. I watched all of these on YouTube with everything connected correctly.

Got tokens now. It really is a delay.

Correct, for those eligible. If you watch on YouTube it seems to be a delay. I am using the YouTube platform today to see how persistent this delay is. Watching on OverwatchLeague.com is more instant.

My tokens have been pretty consistent (switching between both the website and YouTube) but I haven’t recieved the spray yet. Is that a longer delay?

Today I’m watching mostly on YouTube, but can you only get the spray from watching on one service and not the other? Or does it not matter?

Just wanna make sure I’m doing everything right! Really like that spray and I’m far past the 4 hours needed.

I don’t have any problems.

Make sure you don’t use any browser extensions (like Adblock etc.) or block cookies. It prevents tokens from dropping.

Yep, it will not appear in the game client until a later date.

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