OWL Summer Showdown - PHI vs. SHD & SEO vs SHA

Summer Showdown • Week 2

East Region Day 1 • Match 1


Philadelphia Fusion
Guangzhou Charge
LP: 6 (6-2 +10)
LP: 3 (3-7 -14)

East Region Day 1 • Match 2


Seoul Dynasty
Shanghai Dragons
LP: 8 (8-2 +16)
LP: 11 (6-2 +9)

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(After Summer Showdown Week 1)
#1 JREADY 218 points
#2 JUNSEI 215 points
#2 NOSTALGIA 215points
#2 WYOMINGMYST 215 points
#5 SNOWMAN_99 214 points
#5 KAETZEE 214 points
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Finally have temporarily fixed my mower until my parts get here…if they ever get here.

Also, welcome to the 4th of July weekend, everyone!

On to the matches at hand! I think Philly takes it over the Guangzhou Charge 3-1, while Shanghai and Seoul go to 6 maps with Shanghai taking the series 3-2 in yet another APAC El Clasico.

The OWL website is refusing to show the actual match. This website sucks I swear.

I did a follow up check and it now appears to be working.

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Still can’t believe checkmate is gonna be MT for FL later

Let freedom reign! Philly takes the match!

FINAL (Match 1)

Ilios (Control): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Guangzhou Charge 0.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Guangzhou Charge 2.

Hanamura (Assault): Guangzhou Charge 2, Philadelphia Fusion 2 (DRAW).

Hollywood (Hybrid): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Guangzhou Charge 2.

FINAL SCORE: Philadelphia Fusion 3, Guangzhou Charge 0


The Fusion start their Summer Showdown campaign off right by getting a mostly clean victory. For the Charge, however, their Summer Showdown prospects look bleak with a 1-2 record and a -5 map differential heading into the final qualifier match tomorrow.

Now, it’s time for a battle of APAC heavyweights…the Seoul Dynasty against the Shanghai Dragons. Let’s rock and roll!

A song just popped into my head

The Shanghai Dragons are still continuing their season-long dominance, and are one map win away from possibly giving the Fusion a path to the APAC Top 2!

AFTER MAP 2 (Match 2)

Busan (Control): Shanghai Dragons 2, Seoul Dynasty 0

Route 66 (Escort): Shanghai Dragons 1, Seoul Dynasty 0

MATCH SCORE: Shanghai Dragons 2, Seoul Dynasty 0

NEXT UP: The second half of Dynasty vs. Dragons. The Shanghai Dragons are on MATCH POINT!

As I say in some of my MH hero stack stomps….

That……was a match that was played

Because there’s not much else you can say….

Shangai Dragons are just monsters. They made an OWL team look like they don’t belong in OWL.

The Seoul Dynasty’s hope of a perfect stage ends here! The Shanghai Dragons pitch a near-perfect game and take the match!

FINAL (Match 2)

Busan (Control): Shanghai Dragons 2, Seoul Dynasty 0.

Route 66 (Escort): Shanghai Dragons 1, Seoul Dynasty 0.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Shanghai Dragons 2, Seoul Dynasty 1.

FINAL SCORE: Shanghai Dragons 3, Seoul Dynasty 0


The Dragons once again prove they are the Kings of APAC and get their Summer Showdown campaign started off right by taking the match in possibly as clean of a fashion as you can reasonably ask for. For the Dynasty, while they aren’t out of the Summer Showdown Knockouts (yet), the match against the Charge tomorrow is now that much more important to securing a Top 2 seed in the Summer Showdown Knockouts. Anything less than a 3-0 or 3-1 in favor of the Dynasty could spell disaster for getting a “home” game in the Knockouts.

That’s all she wrote for this morning, folks. Live matches resume at high noon Pacific (3pm Eastern), with Watchpoint starting 30 minutes prior. Until then, please enjoy the rest of your morning! Thanks as always to WyomingMyst for providing us with these sanctuary threads. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to find out if these temporary mower fixes will allow me to mow my lawn…