OWL Summer Showdown - LON vs SFS, FLA vs TOR, VAN vs BOS

Summer Showdown • Week 1

West Region Day 2 • Match 1


London Spitfire
San Francisco Shock
LP: 0 (0-9 -22)
LP: 7 (7-2 +12)

West Region Day 2 • Match 2


Florida Mayhem
Toronto Defiant
LP: 5 (4-4 -1)
LP: 4 (4-4 -3)

West Region Day 2 • Match 3


Vancouver Titans
Boston Uprising
LP: 0 (0-8 -20)
LP: 3 (3-5 -4)

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#3 KAETZEE 192 points
#4 SICKONE 191 points
#5 JREADY 188 points
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Has Torb been used in OWL recently?

I feel like he’s just used for memes and a 15 sec highlight clip of someone getting a hammer kill.

Quite extensively in certain maps actually, most notably during the May Melee.

Loving all the changes coming with Tuesday’s retail patch in World of Warcraft. Not loving that I’m a a large number of weeks behind cos I decided to go play SWTOR and neglect doing Shadowlands Adventures…ah, well. At least RaiderIO’s tool will become irrelevant (or should become irrelevant) after Tuesday.

On to the matches at hand. I think the Shock, who by the way are likely VERY ANGRY after coming up short against the Glads, will be very quick to 3-0 the Spitfire. Elsewhere, I predict a close match in the Mayhem-Defiant series, with the Mayhem ultimately winning…and last but certainly not least, I think the Titans take a map but not much else against the Uprising.

I need an adult for what I just witnessed

Easy win for London as expected.
Sparkr with the hard carry
London gonna roll this one

Even if London dont win getting at least one map win vs the shock has got to feel good

Did anyone have the Shock looking mid-tier on their OWL bingo card?

Wow that’s pretty impressive for London.

Dont tell me london are about to get their first win vs the shock

Christ, even if Shock win this somehow they have issues to say the least.

Dear God the Shock desperately need Ans right now. I hope they get him back into professional shape fast.

Raise your hand if youre a liar and had london taking 2 maps


I had a 3-0 for Shock. Thought they’d be mad from yesterday

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After their performance against the Glads and watching Oasis, yes.

Insane that London’s first W of the year could be against the shock, I’m so into it.
Like I said yesterday, I love to see the shock fail and this is delicious.



I literally said they were playing like a mid-tier team right after the first map. It’s time stamped above you.

If this gets to control, I don’t think Shock win. They’ve actually been mediocre at best all year on control,

did you have london taking 2 though (maybe 3)

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