OWL Rewards Still Missing

Hey, so I am currently missing about 30 hours worth of Overwatch League viewership from Playoffs and Grand Finals. About 15 of these hours were on YouTube, and I understand that due to business and platform relations that those hours cannot be recovered by the Blizzard team to give me the proper tokens and cosmetics for those hours. However, the other 15 were on the Official Overwatch League website and app, in which my account was properly linked, I only have this one battle.net account, and the green circle was lit on the website to verify that it was recording the fact that I was watching and logged in.

I have talked to customer support about this, and they have been unable to answer whether or not I will be able to have my account looked over by the team to see the history of my viewership on stream through their website and app for the league. I am just looking for an answer.

If anyone else still hasn’t received their rewards, please also reply to this so it can hopefully have more eyes on it and more of us can get answers.

Take care!


Same here. I’m missing more than 20 hours worth of perks and tokens.

And some rewards were only delivered partially. For example, the Tracer Pulse Pistol name card is supposed to be delivered with the Sojourn skin after watching 1 hour of the grand finals, as they are part of the same perk. I got the name card, but not the skin. How?

Edit: From what i’ve read, support can’t help with rewards that weren’t delivered?

I watched the entire event, every day. I had the finals stream on the site, and on my YT. Received 30 coin and the first batch of skins early on. I dont really care, but its frustrating that I havent been compensated in any way. Its a transaction. I did my thing, I expect Blizz to do theirs.

Brother it’s time to give up it’s been 2 weeks since the promised drop they don’t care about us lol it’s just a waiting game at this point and tbh they will probably just screw us over anyways.

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Same situation here. I received some skins and 45 coins after watching all but the first day of the event. I even watched the encores hoping to make up the time and I haven’t received anything else apart from those first few rewards. They have talked about wanting to be more open with issues, yet there hasn’t been any news on this since the supposed deadline.

Same Here its gonna sadly be a while I presume

same here, its been like almost a month, it can’t be that hard right? i want my cool pulse pistol banner

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I’m still waiting for OWL rewards too. It’s frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

Same here still waiting for coins and skins. I do wonder if you had a lot of the skins before the event did that affect something. Still doesn’t explain not getting coins. My account has always been linked. Got the first set of skins with bastion. When Mei came back her OWL skin was available and that was it.

why is everyone just giving up and why has no major content creators talked about this issue. they used us for extra views and then just gave up on giving us our earned time. they used us like they continue to do.

Yup same here… been like a month now and the rewards are still missing. the weirdest part of all of it though is what is missing. I have tokens up to about 24hrs worth but not a single skin/spray/etc after 9hrs. I have a “brand” YouTube channel which doesn’t allow me to link my battle.Net so I used my personal account which I never use. That means when I checked my total watch time I knew it was only for watching OWL, and my total watch time on that account is 40hrs… so literally nothing adds up. If I got tokens up to 24hrs why don’t I have the rewards up to that amount and if my total watch time 40 hrs why don’t I have 40hrs worth of tokens.

Just sharing my presence as well… I’ve not received my OWL rewards either.

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