OWL Replay Viewer


Not sure if this is the right place as there is no dedicated “OWL Replay Viewer” forum.

I love this tool, everything looks so good and it’s a much better viewing experience. Firstly thanks Blizzard for actually doing this because now I can watch when I want and see what I want to see.

My only complaint is the camera should control more like a player and there should be some more controls to change.
For example: it’s really awkward using Q and E to move the camera up and down, why isn’t it SPACE and CTRL just like in the game you use them to jump and crouch (up and down).
Example 2: 3rd person perspective on specific players is undoubtedly the best way to learn how a player plays, but the range you’re attached to them is too close. Ok maybe it’s too close for me but can we get a 3PP range/leash control? Can I bind a button to move it closer and one to move it farther?

Keep up the good work devs!! These updates (Workshop and now Viewer) have been the best updates yet! I paid $40 for this game and now I can play it how I want!