Owl player switches to valorant

I just find it funny, after all this time, even owl pro player carpe is not liking ow2.

Really couldn’t care less what game the pro players like best.

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I don’t understand why that’s funny

Maybe if like, ALL owl players switched, it would be

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Because this is all blizzards fault and they bit off more than they can chew making ow2.

Because one pro player switched, for possibly a NUMBER of reasons that have nothing to do with OW2? Okay friend

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When you have even ONE of your own popular pro players to switch to be a pro player in another game, you messed up on something, especially this early after its launch.

Well, that’s hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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If Carpe is switching its prob because he didn’t do well this season and could be burnt out. Idk why you are making this an issue and blowing it up for no reason.

You say that now, until blizzard completely changes the entire game because they don’t care about what you like, they care about what pro players like.

Isn’t that what people have been accusing them of doing since 2018?

Carpe didnt say he doesnt like ow2 + even if we did stay in 1 this wouldve been his last season anyways considering he was on the bench alot