OWL June Joust Final - Shanghai Dragons vs. Dallas Fuel

June Joust Tournament


Shanghai Dragons
Dallas Fuel
LP: 8 (6-2 +9)
LP: 8 (5-3 +7)

Final Score


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#3 KAETZEE 181 points
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#5 JUNSEI 179 points
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Ah yes, So the games BEGIN! I hope dragons can win this with a weird comp but I’m sadly not expecting much.

Well, since I am technically a fan of the Dallas Fuel, I’m gonna root for the Dallas Fuel, gosh darn it!

I’m going with Fuel 4-2 in 7 maps.

did i miss the big boss?

Yep, Pine Time was short-lived…Big Boss went down to Lip 5-4.

Yes, he did not succeed against Lip. 5-4. However, it was an impressive showing and doesn’t look like he missed a step in his aim.

well beauty of YT is i can just rewind…however somebody(s) who shall remain unnamed spoiled the score for me…

Love of peet sake! The official match has not even begun yet and Shanghai Dragons are already causing C9’s…

i wonder if i could win against one of these guys IF the condition for me to win was just for my crosshair to pass over their body at any point







Well, at least NYXL won SOMETHING!

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gl to Dallas - yesterday looked stressful for the players, hopefully they’ll have a better time today.

Also I’m rank 68 in the global pickems - guessing it’s too late to make a push for top 3?

Not to be a negative Nancy but nooo it’s sideshow and Bren casting :sob:

Love them on their podcast but Uber and Matt are THE BEST

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I’m feeling a 3-0. Yesterday I called it right…
Edit, nevermind there’s more maps lmao.
Edit, I’ll see myself out :cold_sweat:

Fearless 1 - Shanghai 0

Has anyone else have a terrifying thought of trying to picture Fearless wearing a wedding dress?

guys…i dont think the hammond is working…



I am not sure, but I think they like Hammond mines.
They may be underestimating Dallas’s ability to avoid them.

Please do not give the dark side corner of my mind more ideas for weird dreams that will ruin my sleeping habits. I still haven’t recovered from Friday night’s “Weird and Freaky” dream involving guns in a music video and people in birthday suits on a bus…the image of Fearless in a wedding dress would make me not sleep well for a week.

Lol that sp9rk1e echo is relentless.

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