OWL June Joust - Dallas Fuel vs. Los Angeles Gladiators

June Joust • Knockouts

West Region • Round 2 Knockout


Dallas Fuel
Los Angeles Gladiators
LP: 8 (5-3 +7)
LP: 6 (6-2 +11)

Final Score


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Official Forums Pick'em Top 5
(After Week 8, Day 3 West)
#1 WYOMINGMYST 183 points
#2 NOSTALGIA 182 points
#3 KAETZEE 177 points
#3 SICKONE 177 points
#5 CALUMWYNESS 176 points
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HEY! Both of my pick’ems for NA is still in this thing. Too bad what happened in APAC, though…

Anyway, Glads should take this and advance to the June Joust.

Checking the books on that Dallas attack on Hanamura

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Can you also check a 5:18 time bank after initial Volskaya attack?

It was from earlier this weekend.

Not a record breaker for Volskaya… gotta look at 1:30 or less for attack times

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Not a top 5 for Hanamura. One minute, 22 seconds is the record.

I think unless Tracer is available to play, seeing any attack runs won’t break any records.

Oh, man, competitive is gonna be quite a mess this early workweek with all this Torbjorn play from this weekend…

Edit: And now we’ve seen a Bastion. Sorry, competitive players!

…and Bastion.

begging for a hammer kill

What did I just witness?

Birdring is sweating!!!

He’s sweating.
:sweat: :sweat_drops:

We already had a hammer kill in the second match. Numbani, Atlanta on attack…Kai delivered a hammer time kill.

Too bad I didn’t clip that…

Officially, the dream hero comps from the fevered dreams of Glads and Fuel. Unofficially, the start of 72 hours of competitive play being a mess…

yeah I saw it
I want more tho

The fevered dreams of the Glads and Fuel coaching staffs have been made manifest, as we see attack Torb, we see Bastion, and we see Doomfist, all in ONE MAP!

We apologize to all competitive players on the ladder for the early part of the workweek…


Oasis (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 1

Hanamura (Assault): Dallas Fuel 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 2

MATCH SCORE: Dallas Fuel 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 0

NEXT UP: Hybrid. Los Angeles Gladiators map pick. Dallas with the option to select whether to attack or defend. The Dallas Fuel are on ALOHA POINT.

Torb molten core point control looks tough on Hollywood.

Soak the point with molten core.

For this joust I’d bet on the Wilmington Coalsmokers to knock the Bejing Dragonmen off the horse

lol :joy:

What are you talking about?


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Tape has many uses.

Tape your screen.
It’s not our problem you have a problem.

I mean, most don’t have Jake’s beautiful wavy hair, but to call them

is quite rude.