OWL June Joust - Dallas Fuel vs. Atlanta Reign

June Joust Tournament


Dallas Fuel
Atlanta Reign
LP: 8 (5-3 +7)
LP: 4 (4-4 +5)

Final Score


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#3 KAETZEE 181 points
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#5 JUNSEI 179 points
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I think Dallas is going to barrel through Atlanta.

Should be a pretty easy win for Atlanta. Probably a 3 to 0

So Nori is the symbol of death… I will remember that.

Was the pride flag on the owl logo yesterday, or is it something new?

Its been like that since the start of June (as June is considered Pride Month for most of the world).

Sorry I’m late…did I mention how toxic individuals in World of Warcraft can be? Like, I understand some of the quests involve Ally/Horde players trying to get the same objectives, but c’mon man…no need for the Boomer comments or the threats which might get you a nice little vacation from the game just because you have to hunt 2 extra mobs that drop a quest item you need.

Anyway…on to the match at hand. West Region is really proving they have the lions share of talent. Dallas vs. Atlanta should be a minimum of 4 maps, and likely will be a 5-map series. Atlanta takes it 3-2.

Lol I didn’t notice it, maybe because I always have Watchpoint on the background.

Was it you that I trolled in the Theramore Keep by constantly killing the NPC that Horde players had to Escort?

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Dallas 3-2 leggo boys

this the stream where you can get mercys grey skin? how many hrs u gotta watch for it again?

Four hours needed

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No, this was in the Stonetalon Mountains. Was on my boosted Ally Rogue (who I boosted just so I can experience all the quests on the Ally side) and needed to collect 8 fire spirit embers from mobs that are found in Charred Vale. Problem: Horde players were also trying for those same mobs and weren’t particularly happy that I was there. So they called me “boomer” and also dropped some threats. Problem: My main is actually Horde, so tomorrow evening I plan to go into Orgrimmar and have a nice little chat with the players that frequent Orgrimmar.

Edit: Also, 2 of the individuals dropping the aforementioned comments are from well-established guilds across multiple games and I’m assuming their guild officers won’t be happy to hear that I saved screenshots of those comments.

I’m feeling a 3-1. Not gonna spoil who wins :sunglasses:

Heh… Lol in that area I will draw a lot of mobs on top of a horde player forcing them into like a 1 vs 6. (I’m too high level for the mobs to kill me in that area).

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I got 3-1 Dallas but I totally botched most of my predictions in June Joust so what do I know? :sweat_smile:

Okay, Pelican is pretty good.

Thank gods of Overwatch the team with Doom didn’t win that map!

But Pelican copied Doom and his team won that fight. So Doomfist still won :stuck_out_tongue:

Poetic Justice.