OWL June Joust - Atlanta Reign vs. San Francisco Shock

June Joust • Knockouts

West Region • Round 2 Knockout


Atlanta Reign
San Francisco Shock
LP: 4 (4-4 +3)
LP: 7 (7-1 +13)

Final Score


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#2 NOSTALGIA 182 points
#3 KAETZEE 177 points
#3 SICKONE 177 points
#5 CALUMWYNESS 176 points
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0-3 on my pick’ems so far, but my last team is still in it…let’s go Atlanta Reign. Serve the Shock a slice of humble pie.

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I got shock on my pick’ems but it’s a win win for me bc I love seeing them lose♥️

Happy OWL Game!

I hate the Shock’s color combination so I’m rooting for Atlanta Reign.

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The Orange vs that dirty rusty white is not nice to watch tbf

chengdu is one of my fav teams…but that orange and brown combination though…

Isn’t it like yellow and black?
I like it! I have the Mercy skin!

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Am I the only forum user that sent a like to this thread?

At least use it as a role call function.

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Insane game so far. Atlanta surprising everyone.


As surprising as it is to type this, the Atlanta Reign are one map away from clinching a spot in the GLOBAL JUNE JOUST!


Nepal (Control): Atlanta Reign 2, San Francisco Shock 0

Hanamura (Assault): Atlanta Reign 2, San Francisco Shock 1

MATCH SCORE: Atlanta Reign 2, San Francisco Shock 0

NEXT UP: Hybrid. San Francisco Shock with the map pick. Atlanta Reign with the option to either attack or defend. The Atlanta Reign are on ALOHA POINT!

You know...

I haven’t seen a reverse sweep from the Shock in a long while.

Pelican on the point behind all the tanks


CHARLIE NINER ON THE GROUND! Repeat, a snowman’s head has been seen flying over Atlanta! Will the Shock turn this around?

Edit: Double C9! And two snowman’s heads flying over Atlanta!

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Cough 9C cough…

They just want us to get more tokens.

Pelican is the best Echo in the League.

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Oh poor fdgod :frowning:
He got focused so hard, and he looks so upset

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THE SAN FRANCISCO SHOCK ARE BROKEN! Atlanta is going to get lei’d this week! Atlanta Reign advance to the Global June Joust! My pick’ems are saved!


Nepal (Control): Atlanta Reign 2, San Francisco Shock 0.

Hanamura (Assault): Atlanta Reign 2, San Francisco Shock 1.

Hollywood (Hybrid): Atlanta Reign 4, San Francisco Shock 3.

FINAL SCORE: Atlanta Reign 3, San Francisco Shock 0


The Atlanta Reign will join Dallas in Hawaii! For the Shock, I’m afraid, it’s homeward bound (and for fdgod, he might be looking for a new team soon, at least judging by his demeanor immediately following the loss).

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there was a lot of FeedGod in chat