OWL Grand Finals - Atlanta Reign vs. Shanghai Dragons FINAL

Final Score


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Grand Finals Match details
  • Shanghai Dragons won the Winner’s Bracket Final so they are considered the top seed (home colors). Atlanta reign won the Losers’ Bracket Final and is considered the lower seed (away colors)
  • This match is played first to four. Meaning the team to get four map wins, wins the overall match. Any draws do not count toward the score.
  • Shanghai Dragons gets to pick the starting Control Map.
  • Loser of the previous map picks the map for the next round for the next map type scheduled. The winner picks on whether to attack or defend first.
  • Once a map is selected it cannot be allowed to play again
  • Map Pool for the Playoffs Stage (only these maps can be chosen to play)
    • Control - Busan, Ilios, Lijang Tower, Nepal, or Oasis
    • Assault - Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, Volskaya Industries
    • Hybrid - Eichenwalde, Kings Row, Numbani
    • Escort - Dorado, Havana, Route 66
  • There are no hero pools. All 32 heroes can be selected to play!
  • The winning team will be crowned the season champions and will receive a $1,500,000 USD bonus. Loser gets $750,000 USD.

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Click here for a Recap of Overwatch 2 Balance Changes

Recap of Overwatch 2 Balance Changes

(For the Exhibition match only, not the Grand Final)

Standard Game Ruleset

  • The standard game for Overwatch 2 removes one of the tank slots from the original 2-2-2 format, now making it one tank player, two damage players, and 2 support players.

Map Pool Changes

  • The Assault map type has been removed from the standard game
  • A new map type called “Push” is introduced. This map type takes elements from both Control and Escort map types. Players must escort a robot to push a block up a pre-determined path deep into opponent territory. The team that pushes their respective block all the way to the backside spawn room or pushes it the farthest when time runs out wins the match.

Confirmed New Maps

  • Toronto - Push
  • New York - Hybrid
  • Monte Carlo - Hybrid
  • Rome - Push
  • Rio De Janeiro - Escort

(It is expected only one map will be played in this exhibition match.)

Hero Changes

Note, this is a rough summary and does not provide specific stats

Health Point Changes

  • Hit Point bonuses are no longer shield (blue) or armor (dark gold) type hit points and instead are now simply called “Overhealth” (green). This affects some current abilities inclduing Sombra’s EMP Ultimate (no longer destroys internal shield HP), Brigitte’s Repair Pack Ability (no longer provides additional armor points), Lucio’s Sound Barrier Ultimate, Doomfist’s The Best Defense Passive, and Wrecking Ball’s Adaptive Shield.

Damage Role (General)

  • Damage role heroes now move faster

Support Role (General)

  • Support role heroes will begin to slowly recover their own HP after not taking damage for some amount of time (Mercy’s regeneration passive will work on top of this role passive)

Tank Role (General)

  • Tank role heroes will have increased knockback resistance (Reinhardt still keeps his Steadfast passive) and will provide less ultimate charge to opponents when taking damage


  • To be revealed today


  • Shield bash no longer stuns opponents (this rework may not yet be live in the demonstration)


  • Endothermic Blaster no longer freezes enemies but signficantly slows them down and deals more damage


  • To be revealed today


  • Can now cancel his Charge
  • Can now turn sharper with his Charge
  • Firestrike has 2 charges


  • New Alternate Fire: Charged Lightning Shot (press and hold RMB to charge and release to fire a projectile).


  • Now has 2 charges shared between her Particle Barrier and Projected Barrier abilities.

All other heroes are presumed to remain mostly the same to the current patch of the game.

Today’s Revealed Hero Reworks for OW2


  • Hack
    • Lower cooldown (appears to be 3 seconds)
    • Disabled abilities from hack only last 1 second
    • Hacked targets are revealed through walls (a.k.a. wall hack)
    • Hacked status now increases damage received to hacked target
    • Hack works while stealthed (briefly revealing Sombra during the cast)

Watch the presentation video for Sombra rework here: https://youtu.be/pY9CG9c_w6I


  • Self Repair has been removed
  • Configuration: Recon primary fire has spread reduced to zero but slower fire rate
  • Configuration: Recon new secondary fire: bounce burst. A slow moving projectile that bonuces on terrain but sticks to a target and denonates (similar to Echo’s sticky bombs)
  • Configuration: Sentry
    • Now enables slow movement
    • Now on a limited duration and a cooldown
  • Configuration: Tank (ultimate) has been removed
  • New ultimate! Configuration: Artillery Mode - Fires 3 high-damage strikes within range on the map

Watch the presentation video for the Bastion rework here: https://youtu.be/yOkZhgLvYD0

ALERT: Regarding Grand Finals Spray

Hey everyone, I won’t be able to get confirmation right away, but I am very certain the spray will arrive in a future patch of the game (note, we still have yet to get the Summer Showdown and Countdown Cup sprays in the game client). So as long as you guys get the 1-hour tier, you should be good to go for getting the spray in a future patch of the game.


Pogchamp! I know people are rooting for Shanghai but I love a good underdog villain. #LETITREIGN

I hope they reworked bastion into a payload.


so is this stream

(link removed)

the one we get to see the OW2 info?

You can watch either on the PlayOverwatch channel or on the OverwatchLeague channel. either works.

Can you also do be a favor, please remove the video link. I don’t want players clicking it and watching thinking they can get rewards from a forums embedded player.

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I just noticed none of the tweets on the PlayOverwatch Twitter mention what will be shown and now just a general “OW2 news”!

I wonder if this means something :smirk:

That is NOT a rewards eligible broadcast FYI (again please don’t embed live stream players to keep everyone on the same page.

So scared for my girl right now. Whatever direction they go, even if it’s not my ideal, I just hope she still feels like Sombra at the end of the day.


Sorry, zombie tired.

why isnt this showing on the overwatch league website?

Give it a bit, if the preshow starts without the embed player starting, I will alert Blizzard.

Update, it is now working for me on OverwatchLeague.com

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Hello Folks,


I never thought it was possible to misspell “me”.

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its there now! good timing

sorry i was late, but i just did it rn and ty

I hope hack gets removed

How long until they stop yammering about the playoffs and we get to the OW2 content, I can’t queue while I’m waiting.

I’m watching it on the OWL website and the YouTube app at the same time to ensure that I get the rewards. Will these two clash and cause me to not get any rewards? Or is it okay?

I expect the OW2 content to come later in the preshow, after the DJ performance…


Ayo what