OWL Flash Ops Community Tournament is now live

Hello everyone! The Overwatch League flash Ops Community tournament is it now live on YouTube and OverwatchLeague.com. Remember you will be able to earn 5 Overwatch League tokens every hour when signed in on your BattleNet account on OverwatchLeague.com or linking your Battlenet account to your Google / YouTube account and watch on youtube.com.

If you need instructions on how to do either of these things please see my support guide which is pinned on the top of the general discussion forum. Enjoy today’s matches.


Lowkey hoping it will be as long as they can make it.

Afaik the country restrictions havent changed since last Grand Finals. Im glad we get tokens since.

If my asccount is linked, would it work if I watch it directly on Youtube App on my smart TV?

How can I get tokens on my switch account?

ngl, this tourney is actually pretty fun to watch.

It’s crystal clear, thanks for your efforts, but I feel like the drops won’t work, though.

Double shield bap zen still meta?

You need to make sure your Switch account is linked to your Blizzard BattleNet account. My linked guide has all of the details.

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Unless you can be signed in on your YouTube account on your Smart TV, no it will not work.

For the record I was wrong.

You were not exactly wrong, because you said “feel”. The system is frustrating in some ways because we can’t easily track notifications directly on the video player. We can only track when drops are received in the game client.

That being said I am glad to see you earned tokens.

How many did you get? I got 10 from watching 4 hours.