OWL Countdown Cup - West Region Knockouts

Countdown Cup • Knockouts

West Region Knockout • Match 1


Paris Eternal
Toronto Defiant
LP: 8 (8-8 +0)
LP: 9 (9-7 +0)

West Region Knockout • Match 2


Dallas Fuel
San Francisco Shock
LP: 17 (11-5 +14)
LP: 12 (12-4 +19)

West Region Knockout • Match 3


Toronto Defiant
Atlanta Reign
LP: 9 (9-7 +0)
LP: 12 (11-5 +20)

West Region Knockout • Match 4


San Francisco Shock
Philadelphia Fusion
LP: 12 (12-4 +19)
LP: 11 (11-5 +20)

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What’s at stake in these matches

  • All teams playing today have advanced to either the post season playoffs or play-ins. Winnings these matches will allow them to compete in the Countdown Cup to earn the last remaining bonus League Points to secure better seeding in the upcoming tournament.

These matches do not affect team season standings.

What are your predictions?

Just as a heads up, folks, I’ll most likely be a passive participant in these threads while me and the football group I’m a part of discuss Preseason Week 1 of the NFL.

Here’s the standings, as a brief reminder:

Dallas Fuel 11-5 (17 League Points) (+14)
San Francisco Shock 12-4 (12 League Points) (+19)
Atlanta Reign 11-5 (12 League Points) (+20)

-Playoff Automatic Cutoff-

Los Angeles Gladiators 11-5 (11 League Points) (+20)
Houston Outlaws 11-5 (11 League Points) (+10)
Washington Justice 9-7 (9 League Points) (+3)
Toronto Defiant 9-7 (9 League Points) (+0)
Paris Eternal 8-8 (8 League Points) (+0)
Boston Uprising 7-9 (7 League Points) (-4)

-Play-In Cutoff-

Florida Mayhem 5-11 (6 League Points) (-12)
London Spitfire 1-15 (1 League Points) (-35)
Vancouver Titans 1-15 (1 League Points) (-35)

As for my predictions, I think Gladiators and Defiant advance. Without Pelican, I don’t see Atlanta going to Hawaii (or if they do end up heading to Hawaii, bowing out in short order), and while the Shock should be able to quickly clean up the Fuel, I think the Glads are more determined to break into the Top 3.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, second half is about to kick off.

P.S. To the person who asked me “Panthers or Colts?” this morning…Colts.

Once again, I am betting against my boys in blue. They can’t prove me wrong for the 4th time in a row.

Am i the only one or the site is not working properly this match? Sometimes it says the match doesn’t exist, sometimes lags, sometimes theres no audio etc.

EDIT: It works now.

Switch to YouTube for now. Its working there.

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they havent said anything about a skin for this tourney have they?

not me but i do have a different answer…preseason :man_shrugging:

Next weekend. Should be Zenyatta

Noo! we need all stars old skins. Don´t ruin my hopes xD I need it to die happy.

We are talking about the grey/white OWL Epic Skin that you watch four hours on tournament weekend. Not any legendary skin. There are currently no publicly announced plans that any other OWL skins will return at this time.

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Ah ok. Anyway, passed that to the few Zen mains in another thread^^

i shouldnt have said next weekend…i meant legendary not the greys…we’ve had one for the other 3 stages…seems like a logical assumption we’d get one here also

That´s how I understood it too xD

I have a feeling that Dallas is going to throw.

They have been to Hawaii twice this year.
San Fran is going to win because Dallas doesn’t feel like going.

They want to take a break, while some people are tired of seeing blue.
The fans want other teams to have a turn to play in Hawaii.

(for what it’s worth)
OWL is controlled by an agenda.

I hope the gladiators win this cup

There is none, instead players can catch up on four OWL Legendary Skins from past promotions. If you already have them, then save your tokens for future opportunities.

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oh since youre here…is the broadcast thread up to date? im looking at schedule for contenders and i need to start setting an alarm clock from looks of things :persevere:

Yep, there are no more broadcasts during North American Primetime hours this month.

Pine time???