OWL Countdown Cup - PHI vs SEO, CHE vs NYC, SHA vs GUA

Countdown Cup • Week 2

East Region Day 2 • Match 1


Philadelphia Fusion
Seoul Dynasty
LP: 10 (10-5 +14)
LP: 11 (11-4 +17)

East Region Day 2 • Match 2


Chengdu Hunters
New York Excelsior
LP: 10 (8-5 +9)
LP: 7 (7-8 -1)

East Region Day 2 • Match 3


Shanghai Dragons
Guangzhou Charge
LP: 19 (11-4 +17)
LP: 3 (3-10 -20)

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Awww, and I was just getting ready to take over for you, WyomingMyst!

Anyway, on to the matches at hand! Fusion over Seoul, Chengdu over NYC, Shanghai over Guangzhou are my predictions. Let’s get this house rocking on this lovely Sunday morning!

Yeah, been drawing Chapaas and listening to the Carameldansen on repeat… might go to bed soon. But I figure at least get the thread started and the stream so I can pick up some tokens.

Jaws: “Like two slow walking trains…”

Also Jaws: “Oh oh oh oh… that was so fast.”

And after a 5 map barnburner of a match, the Seoul Dynasty reverse sweep the Fusion once more!

FINAL (Match 1)

Oasis (Control): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Seoul Dynasty 0.

Havana (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 3, Seoul Dynasty 0.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Seoul Dynasty 3, Philadelphia Fusion 2.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Seoul Dynasty 3, Philadelphia Fusion 2.

Nepal (Control Tiebreaker): Seoul Dynasty 2, Philadelphia Fusion 0.

FINAL SCORE: Seoul Dynasty 3, Philadelphia Fusion 2


The Seoul Dynasty’s reverse sweep means they are in a good spot to qualify for the Countdown Cup Knockouts. For the Fusion, they retain the top seed for now, but they leave the door open for the Chengdu Hunters to come in and take the top seed in the Countdown Cup Knockouts. The Hunters can now also steal their 3rd seed in the East, which would mean a first round bye for the play-in tournament.

Speaking of the Hunters, their match against the New York Excelsior is next. The Hunters are currently 1 match win away from snatching the third seed in the East, while the New York Excelsior need a win to keep their Countdown Cup Knockout hopes (and more importantly, their play-in hopes) alive. Will the Hunters take advantage of the Fusion’s missteps? Or will the New York Excelsior keep their playoff dreams alive? Only one way to find out. Let’s get this party started!

Never doubt the Fusion’s ability to choke :joy:

Pulse Bomb > snipers & hitscan

YOOOOOOO 4k d.va bomb

The NYXL take Control, but afterward it was all Chengdu. Chengdu takes the match and likely ruins the NYXL’s chances at the playoffs!

FINAL (Match 2)

Nepal (Control): New York Excelsior 2, Chengdu Hunters 0.

Rialto (Escort): Chengdu Hunters 3, New York Excelsior 1.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Chengdu Hunters 2, New York Excelsior 1.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Chengdu Hunters 3, New York Excelsior 1.

FINAL SCORE: Chengdu Hunters 3, New York Excelsior 1


The Hunters go 2-0 on the week and can clinch the top seed in the Countdown Cup Knockouts if they manage to do well next week in front of Hangzhou’s home crowd.

Now, we’re on to the final match. The Shanghai Dragons face the Guangzhou Charge as the Charge hope to keep an outside chance at a redemption arc alive. The Dragons, meanwhile, hope to put on a decent show and keep an outside shot at the Countdown Cup Knockouts alive. Will the Dragons go out with a bang? Or will the Charge start their redemption arc? Only one way to find out…let’s rock the house down!

P.S. New York fans, you are Shanghai Dragons fans for this final match…the Dragons won’t be able to finish higher than the NYXL in the Countdown Cup standings, thanks in no small part to the NYXL winning 3-2 over the Dragons last week…but the Charge can still spoil the NYXL’s hopes of going to the Countdown Cup if they manage to do well in their last 3 matches.

The Charge keeps the match from being a sweep, but the Dragons wrap up the Countdown Cup campaign with a 2-0 week.

FINAL (Match 3)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Shanghai Dragons 2, Guangzhou Charge 0.

Havana (Escort): Shanghai Dragons 3, Guangzhou Charge 0.

Hanamura (Assault): Guangzhou Charge 1, Shanghai Dragons 0.

Numbani (Hybrid): Shanghai Dragons 4, Guangzhou Charge 3.

FINAL SCORE: Shanghai Dragons 3, Guangzhou Charge 1


The Dragons close with a bang, but will still finish behind the NYXL in terms of Countdown Cup standings. For the Charge, I’m afraid, their redemption arc story is becoming less and less likely after an 0-2 week with a -4 map differential.

With 4 matches remaining before Countdown Cup Knockouts, let’s have a look at the standings:

Philadelphia Fusion 3-1 (3 League Points) (+6)
Seoul Dynasty 3-1 (3 League Points) (+4)
Chengdu Hunters 2-0 (2 League Points) (+4)
New York Excelsior 2-2 (2 League Points) (+0)


Shanghai Dragons 2-2 (2 League Points) (-1)
Hangzhou Spark 0-2 (0 League Points) (-3)
Guangzhou Charge 0-2 (0 League Points) (-4)
Los Angeles Valiant 0-2 (0 League Points) (-6)

Looking at this, plus the playoff standings, the NYXL are in by far a precarious position. If the NYXL fail to make the Countdown Cup Knockouts, they are eliminated from the play-ins and playoffs. They now have to hope that the Hangzhou Spark can somehow fall short in their quest for the Knockouts, while also hoping that they (the NYXL) can rack up enough bonus points to make it in. It is a tall order…will the OWL gods smile favorably upon them?

That is it for APAC matches this week…the final day of Week 2 of NA matches will kick off at high noon Pacific (3pm Eastern), with Watchpoint kicking off 30 minutes prior. We hope to see you then. For now, enjoy the rest of your Sunday morning!

P.S. For those of you OWL fans asking why the heck Danny Lim was missing from the desk yesterday, I am happy to report that his absence was due to him attending a wedding of one of his close friends. As a result, your humble servant requests that you cease spreading rumors regarding his “death” immediately, as it did not happen. We do request, however, that you send congratulations for Danny’s friend to Danny.