OWL Countdown Cup - LON vs TOR & VAN vs BOS

Countdown Cup • Week 2

West Region Day 1 • Match 1


London Spitfire
Toronto Defiant
LP: 0 (0-12 -29)
LP: 6 (6-6 -4)

West Region Day 1 • Match 2


Vancouver Titans
Boston Uprising
LP: 0 (0-12 -31)
LP: 7 (7-7 +1)

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Starts in 20mins? Or 3 hrs 20 mins? Or already started?

20 minutes before the start of the match, the preshow is now live.

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20 Min

Why haven’t London and Vancouver played each other at all this season?

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Next week is the ultimate battle of El Classico, SAT, AUG 14 at 12:00 PM PDT…


I just don’t understand. Haven’t started watching OWL until a couple of weeks ago, but it seems odd to me that I have seen teams face the same opponents a couple of times now but these two teams in the same division have yet to face off and we are quite late in the season at this point.

It is because by definition they are not in the same conferences as each other. Vancouver Titans is in the Pacific division, Spitfire the Atlantic.

There are no Contenders matches currently playing.

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Well the standings page only divides it by East and West. They don’t do well to explain the standings info or league set up info to new fans. Not sure that is a good idea. Also, providing virtually no info beyond current week scores in game is a mistake as well. Such an easy place to market to possible new viewers who may have only clicked there to look at skins. :man_shrugging:

I’m dumb and misread a schedule. Sorry to have bothered you. I blame it being Friday night.

Wyoming, appreciate your endorsement of my thread regarding recent events and the potential impacts.

As for the matches at hand, Toronto 3-0 and Boston 3-0. Should be a quick broadcast.

Long story short, West teams will play every other West team once or twice (at least once, perhaps twice), while East teams will play every other East team at least twice (some of them three times). When the schedule was released, London and Vancouver only were scheduled to play once. Of course, no one likely predicted both teams would go 0-12 (0-14 after this week).

No bother at all. Its my goal to try and help others.


El Clasico or the Toilet Bowl??

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Oh London had some spark the first round, but this is starting to turn ugly.

Update: … I guess I cursed that…

Hadi should really stop chewing gum during play.
Help him.

Kellex too?
What’s with the gum chewing?
Are they trying to alleviate bad breath?

Don’t you ruin this Wyoming….I NEEEED el clasico

We are one step closer…

Look closely at the intermission screen.

The count down qualifiers logo seems to fade away and then it gets closer just a little bit. It cycles…

Please tell me you see it too.