OWL Countdown Cup - LON vs PAR, SFS vs VAN, & FLA vs LAG

Countdown Cup • Week 3

West Region Day 2 • Match 1


London Spitfire
Paris Eternal
LP: 0 (0-14 -33)
LP: 7 (7-8 -3)

West Region Day 2 • Match 2


San Francisco Shock
Vancouver Titans
LP: 10 (10-4 +14)
LP: 1 (1-13 -31)

West Region Day 2 • Match 3


Florida Mayhem
Los Angeles Gladiators
LP: 6 (5-10 -10)
LP: 9 (9-5 +15)

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Alright, revenge on my loud family members exacted (don’t worry, the only violence was to blades of grass), OWL MVP voted for, and pizza eaten. Definitely in a much happier place now than I was this morning.

As for the matches at hand, I predict 3-2 Paris over London, 3-0 Shock over Titans, and 3-0 Glads over Mayhem. These are my head’s predictions. My heart, however, wants all 3 of these matches to end in the opposite way…3-2 London, 3-0 Titans, 3-0 Mayhem.

Edit: Also, you will have to excuse me if I’m not active on here as much today, as today is cleaning day and I need to help family members carry stuff up and down stairs.

seeing SF and VAN with those records just makes me sad thinking of what that matchup used to be…


As for MVP…we had a support…then a tank/dps…then a dps…so im going with an actual tank and who i think is completely deserving of it this season…

i hope Fearless wins


Well, that was a stomp of epic proportions…

FINAL (Match 1)

Busan (Control): Paris Eternal 2, London Spitfire 0

Hanamura (Assault): Paris Eternal 2, London Spitfire 0

Numbani (Hybrid): Paris Eternal 2, London Spitfire 0

FINAL SCORE: Paris Eternal 3, London Spitfire 0


The Eternal qualify for the play-in tournament, and more presently, find themselves on the right side of the cutline for CC Knockouts, at least for the moment. For the Spitfire, I’m afraid, it is looking increasingly likely 0-16 will be their fate, which they will share with the Valiant. If London’s coach is not already on the hot seat, he should be after this match.

Anyway, now that the Spitfire has had their fangs clipped again, time to see the Shock versus Titans matchup. Will the Titans get a 3-peat with the breadsticks? Or will the Shock keep the pressure on the Outlaws? Let’s find out!

Yeah that was fast, but 2019 was a season of Volskaya speed runs.

Well, after the skin glitch strikes again, and after multiple Charlie Niners were committed…the Shock pitch a near perfect game and take the breadsticks from the Titans.

FINAL (Match 2)

Oasis (Control): San Francisco Shock 2, Vancouver Titans 0.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): San Francisco Shock 2, Vancouver Titans “1.5” (1).

King’s Row (Hybrid): San Francisco Shock 3, Vancouver Titans 0.

FINAL SCORE: San Francisco Shock 3, Vancouver Titans 0


The Shock dismantle the Titans, and as a result find themselves on the correct side of the CC Knockouts cutoff line. For the Titans, however, it is dire straits for them, as they will need to pitch a perfect game tomorrow to have even a remote shot at making the Countdown Cup Knockouts.

Now that we had those stomps…let’s bring out some actual competition (hopefully). It’s the Los Angeles Gladiators taking on the Florida Mayhem. Will the Mayhem reclaim their redemption arc and make a last-ditch effort to go to the play-ins? Or will the the L.A. Gladiators keep things interesting at the top? Only one way to find out! Let’s get the payload moving!

Ngl being a florida fan in 2021 is painful

The Florida Mayhem’s season is on the line…will they find a way?


Ilios (Control): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Florida Mayhem 0

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Los Angeles Gladiators 1, Florida Mayhem 0

MATCH SCORE: Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Florida Mayhem 0

NEXT UP: The second half of Mayhem vs. Gladiators. The Los Angeles Gladiators are on MATCH POINT. The Mayhem must complete the reverse sweep to stay in the hunt for playoffs/play-ins. Let’s do this! Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best team WIN!

I’d like to go with Fearless but honestly I just enjoyed Sp9rk1e too darn much this year. The stuff he got done as a dps player is more impressive to me than most other dps players in league’s history, and he did it without just only popping off on hitscan.

The Mayhem came THIIIIIIIS CLOSE to taking the series to a Map 5…but in the end, the Gladiators will not be denied as they take game, set, and match!

FINAL (Map 3)

Ilios (Control): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Florida Mayhem 0.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Los Angeles Gladiators 1, Florida Mayhem 0.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Florida Mayhem 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 2.

Rialto (Escort): Los Angeles Gladiators 3, Florida Mayhem 2.

FINAL SCORE: Los Angeles Gladiators 3, Florida Mayhem 1


The Gladiators eliminate the Mayhem from both the Countdown Cup Knockouts as well as the postseason, and now the Mayhem start what could be a long offseason.

Let’s have a quick look at the Countdown Cup Standings entering tomorrow:

^^Atlanta Reign 4-0 (4 League Points) (+7)
^Toronto Defiant 3-0 (3 League Points) (+6)
^San Francisco Shock 2-1 (2 League Points) (+4)
^Los Angeles Gladiators 2-1 (2 League Points) (+4)
Houston Outlaws 2-1 (2 League Points) (+2)
^Paris Eternal 2-2 (2 League Points) (+1)


Dallas Fuel 2-2 (2 League Points) (+0)
(E)Vancouver Titans 1-2 (1 League Points) (-3)
(E)Florida Mayhem 1-3 (1 League Points) (-3)
(E)Boston Uprising 1-3 (1 League Points) (-5)
(E)Washington Justice 1-3 (1 League Points) (-6)
(E)London Spitfire 0-3 (0 League Points) (-7)

^^=Clinched top 2 seed in Countdown Cup Knockouts
^=Clinched Countdown Cup Knockouts
(E)=Eliminated from Countdown Cup

And, of course, a look at the playoff standings:

Dallas Fuel 11-5 (17 League Points) (+14)
Atlanta Reign 11-5 (12 League Points) (+20)
San Francisco Shock 11-4 (11 League Points) (+17)

-Playoff Automatic Cutoff-

Houston Outlaws 11-4 (11 League Points) (+13)
Los Angeles Gladiators 10-5 (10 League Points) (+17)
Washington Justice 9-7 (9 League Points) (+3)
Toronto Defiant 9-6 (9 League Points) (+2)
Paris Eternal 8-8 (8 League Points) (+0)
Boston Uprising 7-9 (7 League Points) (-4)

-Play-In Cutoff-

Florida Mayhem 5-11 (6 League Points) (-12)
Vancouver Titans 1-14 (1 League Points) (-34)
London Spitfire 0-15 (0 League Points) (-36)

With all 9 teams in playoffs and play-ins secure, the battle now shifts to seeding, and boy do we have a crucial one at the top…the Atlanta Reign went 4-0 in their qualifier stage and now hold the second seed. HOWEVER, in a strange twist of fate, Atlanta’s star DPS Pelican ended up in the hospital and the Outlaws, Shock, and Gladiators are in hot pursuit of the Top 3…who will play in the play-ins, and who will be going straight to the playoffs? Well, hopefully the clear-as-mud picture will become somewhat more crystal clear over the course of this weekend!

For now, though, matches are finished…for tonight, at least. Matches will kick off once again tomorrow morning at 2am Pacific (5am Eastern), as the final APAC regular season matches are played out. We hope to see you then! For now, though, enjoy the rest of your evening. Thanks as always to WyomingMyst for providing these threads and allowing a place of discussion. Until tomorrow morning, from our wonderful host WyomingMyst, I’m Arena25 saying Good Night and Charlie Niners!

He makes primal rage the best ult in the game