OWL Countdown Cup - HAN vs SEO, NYC vs LAV, & PHI vs SHD

Countdown Cup • Week 1

East Region Day 3 • Match 1


Hangzhou Spark
Seoul Dynasty
LP: 7 (7-5 +7)
LP: 9 (9-3 +14)

East Region Day 3 • Match 2


New York Excelsior
Los Angeles Valiant
LP: 5 (5-7 -3)
LP: 0 (0-0 -34)

East Region Day 3 • Match 3


Philadelphia Fusion
Shanghai Dragons
LP: 7 (7-5 +7)
LP: 18 (10-2 +20)

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Should be a good one…I think Seoul, New York, and Shanghai take today’s matches.

wow wooooo cant wait to watch my favorite team get dumpstered by shanghai woo woo

And after a 5-map series, and a few…interesting…tweets from the Dynasty’s official account that were hurriedly deleted, the Seoul Dynasty reverse sweep the Hangzhou Spark!

FINAL (Match 1)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Hangzhou Spark 2, Seoul Dynasty 0.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Hangzhou Spark 3, Seoul Dynasty 2.

Rialto (Escort): Seoul Dynasty 3, Hangzhou Spark 0.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Seoul Dynasty 3, Hangzhou Spark 2.

Oasis (Control Tiebreaker): Seoul Dynasty 2, Hangzhou Spark 1.

FINAL SCORE: Seoul Dynasty 3, Hangzhou Spark 2


The Seoul Dynasty keep their spot in the Top 2 of the East Region safe for now.

Now that we had some fireworks in the APAC region, it’s time for the second match of the day. We have the New York Excelsior taking on the Los Angeles Valiant. Let’s see if the Valiant can take their first match victory of the season.

And we can safely eliminate the Los Angeles Valiant from the end-of-season playoffs after they get swept out the door by the New York Excelsior!

FINAL (Match 2)

Oasis (Control): New York Excelsior 2, Los Angeles Valiant 1.

Blizzard World (Hybrid): New York Excelsior 3, Los Angeles Valiant 2.

Rialto (Escort): New York Excelsior 3, Los Angeles Valiant 1.

FINAL SCORE: New York Excelsior 3, Los Angeles Valiant 0


The NYXL take the top spot in the Countdown Cup standings, as well as stay in the hunt for the playoffs…at least for now.

Now, it’s time for the final match of the day. It’s the Philadelphia Fusion taking on the Shanghai Dragons. Remember, the Dragons have clinched at worst the second overall seed in the playoffs, so don’t be surprised if the Dragons don’t appear to be as dominant this tournament cycle…it is likely they will experiment with so-called “troll comps”, do some “sandbagging”, or use other tactics to “soft throw” matches in an effort to prevent other teams from making decent preparations against the Dragons strategies.

Some folks may claim that the Dragons are “soft throwing” in an effort to hide their playoff strategies.

Others say the Fusion are finally rounding into top form.

Whatever you believe, the scoreboard tells all: The Philadelphia Fusion sweep the Shanghai Dragons out the door!


Busan (Control): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Shanghai Dragons 0.

Numbani (Hybrid): Philadelphia Fusion 1, Shanghai Dragons 0.

Rialto (Escort): Philadelphia Fusion 2, Shanghai Dragons 1.

FINAL SCORE: Philadelphia Fusion 3, Shanghai Dragons 0


The Fusion set pick’ems on fire and start off on the right foot. For the Dragons, they can take solace in the fact that they are at worst the overall second seed in the playoffs.

Anyway, that’s all she wrote for this morning, folks. Live matches resume later today at high noon Pacific (3pm Eastern) with a tripleheader of West region matches. We hope to see you there. Until then, please enjoy the rest of your morning!

I only saw the score.



Quick question : OWL players used to play with a different patch (an older one) ; which patch is it now ?

I think it’s the current patch. (since there weren’t many changes lately.)

They are playing with a few random hero bans though, to mix it up.


They only play with old patches if the balance change is new, because making teams rush to learn new balance is stressful.

So they won’t be playing on the current experimental when that goes live, for example.

Yes, I know about the hero pool (since the beginning), not sure about the patch on the other hand…