OWL Countdown Cup - DAL vs PAR & HOU vs WAS

Countdown Cup • Week 1

West Region Day 3 • Match 1


Dallas Fuel
Paris Eternal
LP: 15 (9-3 +14)
LP: 6 (6-6 -1)

West Region Day 3 • Match 2


Houston Outlaws
Washington Justice
LP: 9 (9-3 +11)
LP: 8 (8-4 +9)

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Glad to see you’re back in action, WyomingMyst!

On to the matches at hand…I’m seeing a ton of folks claim that Dallas may be ruined this tournament cycle cos of the lack of a major hitscan. Until that lack of a hitscan causes issues, though, I am officially not counting out the Fuel. Dallas takes this 3-1 over the Eternal.

As for the Houston/Washington match, that match has the potential to go to a 5 map barnburner. I have Justice taking it 3-2, but don’t be surprised if the Outlaws clutch it out…they’ve just clinched their best season winning percentage in Outlaws history, and they could improve it even more with a handful of wins.


For the most part, the activity I am involved with is winding down and I can begin to dedicate some more attention back to Overwatch. Also with the news with Overwatch Contenders, I got to get a lot of things updated with the rewards guide and whatnot.


Very curious to see what adjustments the Fuel make. I expect them to still pour their resources into Fearless’ Winston, but it’d be interesting to see how they adjust their line-up without Lucio.

If Ball comps are the strongest, I really wouldn’t be surprised to see Paris to beat them here. They’re one of the few NA teams who seem to like playing Ball comps.


Soe saying Hanzo is the superior Shimada bro has me internally questioning which one I like more HMMMMM :sweat_drops: :hot_face:


I hope the Justice and Outlaws go the distance. Maximum tokens, maximum donations, maximum fun!

The answer is Hanzo… He’s grumpy but hot af.

hog is the hottest imo

Yeah, but he’ll definitely eat your French fries when you get up to get a drink.

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that’s a good man right there


FINAL (Match 1)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Paris Eternal 2, Dallas Fuel 1.

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Dallas Fuel 5, Paris Eternal 4.

Havana (Escort): Paris Eternal 3, Dallas Fuel 0.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Dallas Fuel 2, Paris Eternal 1.

Oasis (Control Tiebreaker): Paris Eternal 2, Dallas Fuel 1.

FINAL SCORE: Paris Eternal 3, Dallas Fuel 2


The Paris Eternal take the first match of the Countdown Cup. Will this finally be the Eternal’s stage?

Anyway, now that the Fuel and Eternal have given us a good solid match to open the Countdown Cup…it’s time to find out who will be opening the checkbooks in the name of donating to charity. Let’s get this payload moving!

I knew Dallas would struggle damnit, really wish I flipped my map 5 pickem now.

nice memp


Ah yes, The ZONING EMP

If all of you following along on this thread is also watching the live broadcast, can you all confirm to me you are earning tokens successfully. Cheers!

i havent been watching right now (got uncle duty atm)…but i did get 5 tokens a little bit ago

happy to see given i never did end up receiving anything for the summer showdown finals (9 hrs+ watching “wasted”)

oh…predictions wise…im on record saying these hero pools will do absolutely nothing and we will see a TON of hammond, dva, sombra, tracer, zen and brig…

how am i doing so far?

We’re seeing some legs, Ana, and Pharmercy…but yes, the vast majority of comps thus far is Hammond, Dva, Sombra, Tracer, Zen, and Brig.

It will be interesting to see what happens when APAC joins in on the fun starting tomorrow morning…

As for the match at hand, the Justice are thoroughly embarrassed as the Outlaws sweep the Justice out the door.

FINAL (Match 2)

Ilios (Control): Houston Outlaws 2, Washington Justice 0.

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Houston Outlaws 3, Washington Justice 2.

Route 66 (Escort): Houston Outlaws 2, Washington Justice 1.

FINAL SCORE: Houston Outlaws 3, Washington Justice 0


The Houston Outlaws stay in the Top 3 in the West Region…for now, anyways. For the Justice, I’m afraid, it’s back to the drawing board to determine where the wheels fell off the wagon.

That’s all she wrote for this evening, folks. Matches resume tomorrow morning at 2am Pacific (5am Eastern), so be sure to set your alarm clocks and join us for some APAC craziness. Thanks to WyomingMyst for setting up this thread. Until tomorrow morning, from our wonderful host WyomingMyst, I’m Arena25 saying Good Night and Charlie Niners.

Just as a friendly reminder, if anyone who watched today can confirm if you did earn tokens for watching that would be great. Also please tell me your country of residence. I may be discovering a pattern with those who are not earning tokens.

No tokens so far, South Africa