OWL Countdown Cup - BOS vs PAR, ATL vs LAG, & DAL vs SFS

Countdown Cup • Week 1

West Region Day 2 • Match 1


Boston Uprising
Paris Eternal
LP: 6 (6-6 +1)
LP: 7 (7-6 +0)

East Region Day 2 • Match 2


Atlanta Reign
Los Angeles Gladiators
LP: 7 (7-5 +13)
LP: 8 (8-4 +13)

East Region Day 2 • Match 3


Dallas Fuel
San Francisco Shock
LP: 15 (9-4 +13) *
LP: 9 (9-3 +13)

*Clinched Post Season Playoffs

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Do we really need this spammed every time they are playing?

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Despite being from New England I can’t support Uprising until they drop Huk

Prediction time:

Paris 3-2 over Boston
Atlanta 3-2 over Glads
San Fran 3-1 over Dallas

Yes. I appreciate the posts that Wyoming makes for game days.

On another note, that Dallas/Shock score line
LP: 15 (9-4 +13)* LP: 9 (9-3 +13)
really showcases how important the bonus points from tournaments are.

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Yes we do. You don’t have to click on them.

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Would be better if they had the odds for vegas. Might be worth throwing some money at one of these teams.

Prediction: Uprising, Glads, and Shock win

Anybody know where Pine is for Fuel? Last I heard was he was having visa trouble but that was weeks ago.

covid ??? Maybe???

Sadly, the League Office and OWL sponsors has a…thing…against betting on League matches. Same goes for other esports. We’ve made a ton of progress regarding allowing sports betting (my home state, for example, has somewhat recently opened the floodgates in terms of online betting, but only for certain “major” sports), but esports is probably not going to be hopping on the “live betting” train anytime soon.

I would honestly hope not, especially in light of all the concerning news I’ve been getting regarding this Delta variant.

In any case, the first match is in the books, and the Uprising get it done in 4 maps!

FINAL (Match 1)

Ilios (Control): Boston Uprising 2, Paris Eternal 0.

King’s Row (Hybrid): Paris Eternal 3, Boston Uprising 0.

Rialto (Escort): Boston Uprising 2, Paris Eternal 1.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Boston Uprising 3, Paris Eternal 2.

FINAL SCORE: Boston Uprising 3, Paris Eternal 1


The Paris Eternal head into their bye week with a 1-1 Countdown Cup record and a -1 map differential. For the Uprising, they leap back into 7th place in the playoff standings and now prepare to take on the mighty Shock tomorrow afternoon.

Next up, we have the Atlanta Reign taking on the Los Angeles Gladiators. The winner will be in prime position to take the Top 3 depending on how the rest of today and tomorrow shakes out. Could prove to be an important match in terms of seeding, so let’s rock and roll!

Reinforce is jealous of the
Kitty getting belly rubs :pensive:

Edit: Once again, Mitch and Matt are establishing why they’re the best castors. Love the shirt lol

Edit: aaaaand Mitch just flexed his biceps on stream. I’m watching OWL purely out of thirst at this point.

I’m sure we’re all jealous. (insert plug about adopting a rescue cat here)

Anyways, after a back-and-forth 5 map thriller, the Atlanta Reign seize control and send the Glads back to the drawing board!

FINAL (Match 2)

Lijiang Tower (Control): Atlanta Reign 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 1.

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Atlanta Reign 1.

Route 66 (Escort): Atlanta Reign 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 2.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Los Angeles Gladiators 2, Atlanta Reign 1.

Oasis (Control Tiebreaker): Atlanta Reign 2, Los Angeles Gladiators 0.

FINAL SCORE: Atlanta Reign 3, Los Angeles Gladiators 2


The Reign start off on the right foot, and take a Top 3 spot in the Countdown Cup standings for now. The Gladiators, on the other hand, must now try and right the ship against the Washington Justice.

Now that we had “those matches”…let’s bring out THE MAIN EVENT! It’s the Dallas Fuel. It’s the San Francisco Shock. One team is in the playoffs and fighting for the top overall seed in the playoffs, the other team is looking to cement their place in the Top 3. This could be a good one, so put on a movie for the husband/wife and kids, get some popcorn out of the microwave and a 6-pack of your favorite age-appropriate beverage, and settle down in your favorite chair in front of the biggest computer screen you can find for some hopefully great entertainment, cos it’s time to RUMBLLLLEEEEEEEEE!

just confirming that i am getting tokens so far this weekend

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Yep…this is gonna be a GOOOOD MATCH!

AFTER MAP 2 (Match 3)

Ilios (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, San Francisco Shock 1

Numbani (Hybrid): San Francisco Shock 3, Dallas Fuel 2

MATCH SCORE: Dallas Fuel 1, San Francisco Shock 1

NEXT UP: The second half of Fuel vs. Shock, starting with Escort and then Assault, with a Control Tiebreaker map being played if necessary.

And after a 5-map back-and-forth bonanza, and a Charlie Niner committed by both teams, the Dallas Fuel CEMENT their spot in the Overwatch League 2021 playoffs by taking out the Shock!

FINAL (Match 3)

Ilios (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, San Francisco Shock 1.

Numbani (Hybrid): San Francisco Shock 3, Dallas Fuel 2.

Rialto (Escort): Dallas Fuel 4, San Francisco Shock 3.

Hanamura (Assault): San Francisco Shock 2, Dallas Fuel C9 (1).

Lijiang Tower (Control): Dallas Fuel 2, San Francisco Shock 1.

FINAL SCORE: Dallas Fuel 3, San Francisco Shock 2


The Dallas Fuel goes 1-1 on the week and gets an even map differential. For the Shock, the late-season woes continue, and now they open the door for the Atlanta Reign to sneak into the Top 3 depending on how results go tomorrow.

That’s it for now, folks! Live matches resume at 2am Pacific (5am Eastern), so set your alarm clocks, get some rest, and we’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning. Be sure to bring your Sunday pancakes and a coffee! Thanks as always to WyomingMyst for being a gracious host…us OWL fans appreciate you more than you know. Until tomorrow morning, from our wonderful host WyomingMyst, I’m Arena25, saying Good Night and Charlie Niners.

I mean the only reason to care is to be able to get the free OWL tokens, so, that’s the only reason I can see to warrant the threads, to remind people to turn on and afk.

Dallas Wins!!!

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