OWL Countdown Cup - BOS vs FLA, ATL vs DAL, VAN vs WAS

Countdown Cup • Week 2

West Region Day 3 • Match 1


Boston Uprising
Florida Mayhem1
LP: 7 (7-8 -2)
LP: 4 (4-9 -10)

West Region Day 3 • Match 2


Atlanta Reign
Dallas Fuel*
LP: 11 (10-5 +18)
LP: 17 (11-4 +16)

West Region Day 3 • Match 3


Vancouver Titans2
Washington Justice
LP: 1 (1-12 -29)
LP: 8 (8-7 +0)

*Clinched Postseason Playoffs
1 Elimination Match - This team must win in order to have a chance for season play-ins
2 Eliminated from Playoffs - This team is eliminated from post-season playoffs

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Playoff Notes

If I have done my calculations correct, Florida Mayhem is now looking at their last shot to get into the post-season. They must win their game today in order to maintain any hopes of getting into the season Play-ins (this assumes they make it into the Countdown Cup). Vancouver Titans is eliminated.

What is this music…its amazing

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Final party of Week 2, and I am here for it. Just had some free breadsticks at Fazoli’s (unfortunately, couldn’t take advantage of Titans Pizza Hut cos I’m not Canadian and don’t live near a Pizza Hut).

As for the matches at hand, my predictions are Florida 3-2 over Boston, Atlanta 3-2 over Dallas, and Vancouver 3-0 over Washington.

A lot of the tracks (including the one you heard) are an assortment of licensed stock music from the Red Bull Records music label.

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And the Florida Mayhem take the victory and snap their losing streak!

FINAL (Match 1)

Nepal (Control): Florida Mayhem 2, Boston Uprising 1.

Route 66 (Escort): Boston Uprising 4, Florida Mayhem 3.

Volskaya Industries (Assault): Florida Mayhem 1, Boston Uprising 0

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Florida Mayhem 3, Boston Uprising 2

FINAL SCORE: Florida Mayhem 3, Boston Uprising 1


The Mayhem goes 1-1 on the week with a -1 map differential, and now need a good week next week to claim their spot in the Countdown Cup Knockouts.

As for the Uprising, they are all but eliminated from the Countdown Cup, and now have to hope the Mayhem don’t steal their spot in the play-ins.

Now, we’re on to arguably the main event…it’s the Atlanta Reign taking on the Dallas Fuel. Who’s going to come out on top in this one? Only one way to find out. Let’s dance!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Turn up the heat.

Pelican down!!!

(Mercy rez on Pelican) :sparkles:

:skull_and_crossbones: (Pelican)
Sparkle, “…and STAY DOWN.”

Can someone please confirm if 4:26 time bank is a new Rialto record?

Third fastest, 3 minutes, 36 seconds.

Come one DALLAS!!!
Come back into to the game like the Avatar against the Phoenix King!

Charles of Nines rearing its ugly head today

It begins…

That’s one.

And the Atlanta Reign’s hopes of getting Top 3 just got that much more likely, despite an egregious Charlie Niner

FINAL (Match 2)

Busan (Control): Atlanta Reign 2, Dallas Fuel 0.

Rialto (Escort): Atlanta Reign 4, Dallas Fuel 3.

Temple of Anubis (Assault): Dallas Fuel 4, Atlanta Reign C9 (3).

Blizzard World (Hybrid): Atlanta Reign 3, Dallas Fuel 0.

FINAL SCORE: Atlanta Reign 3, Dallas Fuel 1


The Reign get a mostly clean 4-0 qualifier stage and qualify for the Countdown Cup Knockouts! They also stay in the Top 3 in the West playoff standings for yet another week!

For the Fuel, I’m afraid, they finish with a 2-2 record and an even map differential, which means they’ll have to wait and see if it will be good enough for the Countdown Cup Knockouts.

Now, it’s time for the early bird version of The Toilet Bowl…it’s Vancouver Titans and Washington Justice. Will the Titans prove that yesterday was not a fluke (and send Reinforce into the 6th stage of grief)? Or will the Justice right the ship? We’re about to find out. Let’s get the house rocking, ladies and gents!


As for the match…I think its fair to say ‘tracer diff’

Well played Atlanta.
I may be fierce during play, but it boils down to a game.
I appreciate all the teams efforts in the OWL.
I love the game.
I enjoyed watching.

When it came down to a Tracer 1v1 I was like…

...and then...

I was on the edge of my seat.

Vancouver Titans vs Washington Justice

Reinforce’s reaction to this match up is hilarious.

Titan’s broke their losing streak, won bread sticks, things look good.
Washington always seem to find ways to trip over themselves this season.

I predict a Titan’s victory with possibly of more breadsticks if they are offering them.

Double Pulse Bomb unlocked… if the Titans get a piledriver kill on Nepal, breadsticks are unlocked again.


i think if i hurry i get to canada before midnight tomorrow

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Too late, the bingo board resets every map. (Casters tend to forget that)