OWL contenders skins

Are they still doing skins for watching it, i never hear any new news on earning the skins anymore

Yup…2 each month…though this month might be weird cause they’re extending April a bit

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I think I saw something that said that this month’s skins are Doom and Bap…
I’ll try to find it for you.

Yep here it is

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I just dont see youtubers really talking about them anymore, so i figure they stopped doing them

Always look for my streaming rewards guide is which always pinned at the top of the general discussion forum. It contains details to all upcoming streaming rewards for Overwatch:

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Speaking of which…is that really all there is for may or has the full schedule not come out yet

I believe this is what is left for May. I do not think there are any inter-region competitions like Gauntlet this time around. Its why they reduced hour requirements.

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Better set some alarms then…not a lot…

They’re so late in the announcement. I’ve been visiting that twitter since may 1st to see what skins will we get.

Is this European day 4 even counting for May? nvm it says April. Gotta make sure I get that Korea one on at 6 Am.

Its counting for both, tracking hours seperately

Can’t confirm. I watched Korean and European Contenders on May 3 and 4 and still nothing