OW2 Tanks - They should be the PEAK version of Themselves

I’d like to remind everyone that Sigma and D.va were only problems for higher levels of play. Generally speaking, they were fine. That’s not to say that higher levels of play should be ignored, or that those two should be buffed again, but I don’t think it would be hard to make them powerful while still having healthy downsides.

For Sigma, I’d make it so he could only do one thing at a time. No canceling his abilities, which means you need to wait until your animations are done before you can do anything else.


Isn’t that the obvious goal of going to one tank?

Stacking tanks has been a problematic balance issue from GOATS to Double Shield metas – the tanks individually don’t always feel strong to play, but they are far too strong stacked.

Removing tank stacking allows Blizzard to make tanks individually feel strong. I feel like this has been the goal from the start.


I’m not disagreeing with you, but isn’t that a bit of a contradicting statement? If the tank has all these responsibilities then it’s only because the tank role is far more impactful than the other two roles, whereas if the tank role isn’t as impactful then they’re not going to have responsibilities because the main difference will between DPS or Supports

I’d just give them 50% headshot resistance.

Like 1.5x damage, instead of 2x.


But the big question would be, would it be enough? I mean, that’s not a bad idea at all, but would being able to eat a few bodyshots from 2+ opponents be more effective?
At lower ELOs the bodyshot thing would be more helpful and at higher ones your idea would be better, that’s how I think it would shake out, most likely.

No, she’s not going to be fragile. She’s going to be more defense oriented.

I mean that since the tank role is supposed to be equally impactful as the other roles, the the individual tank player must be twice as strong to compensate. Like them doing the jobs of both the main tank and off tank since just doing one or the other leaves the team with a big weakness.


So glad this thread is taking off.

Exactly, and at the time, OW was still a pretty new game.

(Well, for the D.Va part lmao)

I feel like that should be a thing ONLY for characters that struggle with headshots.

Imagine seeing a zarya with 50% damage reduction to her headshot…

As if a Zarya doesn’t have dramatically less barrier uptime and hp than the other Tanks?

I would like this.

Do I think it’s going to happen? No, not a chance, especially if the Zarya “buffs”–where her barrier has like half the uptime now–are any indication.

But yeah, this would be nice. Realistically, if you want the solo tank to feel good, they’re going to need to be more powerful than they are now. But I just don’t see any evidence that’s what will actually happen

I’d love to have patch 0 Roadhog again if we’re going to have one tank

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i still wonder how some tanks are gonna work solo actually. zarya and roadhog, they dont seem like good solo tanks. i also have the feeling rein is gonna be meta

The problem right here is that this doesn’t speak for all tank players, this is a minority of the tank players who enjoys. I do think that tank damage shouldn’t be that high but they should be able to basically just int at the enemy team. Problem is that when your health is that high, you basically need to do winston tesla cannon levels of damage to a single target if not lower to not be able to kill anything that gets the tiniest bit of healing.

Very few people enjoy being the person who basically only gets assists in a pvp game.

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i already hear the sound of the torches and forks

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The philosophy on Overwatch tank should be tanky enough to protect his team and hold the front line but enough damage OR cc to be a threat.

  • I want season 3 Dva back that had a 4 second matrix and no micro missles. A mobile TANK is what dva used to be, with a little poke damage.

  • Hog should be moved to dps. He is literally the definition of “high health dps”. No tanking abilities = not a tank

  • Move Mei to tank role. Make her a cc tank with low aoe damage. Consider Amumu from league of legends for some inspiration on cc tank.


But Zarya has one of the smallest hitboxes for tanks.

Literally it’s so traumatizing.

They said, “Rein and D.Va is okay” which to me sounds like “C tier.”

All tanks should be A tier.

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Patch 0 Roadhog with current ammo capacity and take a breather*

Imo all tanks should be nerfed rly rly hard. Currently, tanks are by far the strongest heroes individually.
I really don’t want to imagine super buffed ones in OW2. This would really not be even if you find yourself in a situation with one of them alone or if your own tank dies…

they could always make them more tankier but hit like wet noodles or do way less damage then they do now. that wouldnt attract players to play them tho so its a no win scenario for blizzard. no matter what they do two groups of people will hate them. have to pick which group you want to hate you the most


I also do not understand that “tank players” mentality. Often I feel like I am the only one who plays every role.
It’s nothing odd to think that all roles should be balanced.

Even currently, it is nothing too bad if a DPS dies, but if a tank dies, it’s pretty fatal for the respective team.
If all roles were balanced, it wouldn’t be. Ever tried to duke it out with a Dva or Orisa? You will die.

I was a tank main and I would be one in OW2, too (because I would not get reported to “always playing Roadhog” or “trash” tanks like Orisa . … although I play them like once in a year and I wouldn’t be dependend on the other tank’s pick). but I can still acknowledge it that tanks are stronger. Sure, they get melted down by focussed fire. But that’s something good. Imagine they would survive it. It would be a disaster for balance with their current damage if they indeed survived being discorded and getting hit by all storm arrows etc…
I also think lots of bursty abilities should removed or replaced among others…